Moving Up: The Next Perfect Yacht For You

Moving Up: The Next Perfect Yacht For You

By HMY Contributor   April 13, 2021

From the moment someone buys their first boat – be it a 12’ flats boat, a 35’ sportfish yacht, or a 61’ motor yacht – thoughts inevitably turn to that next, bigger boat and the possibilities that come with it.

In fact, that’s how many customers treat their yacht purchase, as an investment in the next yacht, and the next one, and so on, as newer, more advanced, models roll off the production line or desires and life needs change.

At HMY, our skilled, knowledgeable brokers are experts at helping you find that next perfect yacht. By listening to your questions, wants, and needs, we can have an honest conversation about what will fit your lifestyle best and how selling or chartering your current yacht will play into the mix. All of this adds up to each individual customer getting exactly what they want.

To help you start thinking about what a good logical next step in your yachting journey may be, here are some ideas of what a yacht growth progression may look like for you based on our 40 years of experience of serving customers.

Center Console Owners

If you own a large center console (35’+) you no doubt have compared your beast against a smaller sportfish yacht. While it is nice blasting those quad 350 HP engines full boar, tearing across the water, maybe you are thinking about more comfort without sacrificing fishability or too much power.

A sportfish yacht in the 37’-55’ range just might be a great option for fishing hard and staying comfortable.

With the added space and features comes more staterooms, more heads, proper showers, roomier air-conditioned cabin, and more.

Even better, features you’re accustomed to on your center console can still be found on these yachts, such as a center console command station, built-in fish boxes, live wells, molded-in tackle and bait rigging center, bait freezers, and a transom door and gate to haul in large fish.

Small Convertible Sportfish Owners

If you’re in a sportfish under 55’, you’ve probably walked the boat shows and admired something a bit bigger. The 55’-75’ range is very popular in tournaments these days, offering more room, comfort, and space to battle tourney-winning fish.

A sportfish yacht in the 56’-69’ range just might be a great option to move up to.  

The learning curve going from a small sportfish to a bigger one is relatively small since you’re already familiar with the equipment, layout, and performance. At this stage you have the chance to really deck out your boat with exactly what you need or enjoy for an extended fishing getaway with friends and family.

60’ Motor Yacht Owners

On the motor yacht side of the boating spectrum, a lot of first-time owners come in around the 60’ range. As you hours on your vessel, you get a sense of what works, what you’d change, and what you'd add or upgrade.

The next purchase could be to a larger size, in the 70’-89’ range, that will give you the extra spoils and luxury you’re looking for.

In this size range, you’re also potentially buying a very attractive charter vessel. Most charters are designed to accommodate 10 or more guests, so the bigger the better to attract more potential clients.

80’ Motor Yacht Owners

For those motor yacht owners in the 80’ range and looking to upgrade in size, vessels in the mid-90’-and-up range come into play, and those 100-footers are very attractive and desirable.

More long-range cruising, more exclusive destinations, more entertaining, more room to relax, most customizable room – all of this and more come with the move to these beautiful, big yachts.

As you move into larger yachts of 100’ or more, in addition to a captain, you’ll need the likes of a first mate, an engineer, and other crewpersons. Your HMY broker can of course help with all of that so when you step foot on your yacht, you have nothing to do but enjoy life.

HMY’s industry-leading brokerage team is ready to help you find your next yacht and make sure you have everything you need to fully enjoy it. We’re ready to help you evaluate your wants and needs, discuss new or pre-owned, strategize how to maximize ROI through chartering, and so much more.

Call us today at 561-510-6200. We can’t wait to help you find the next perfect yacht for you.

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