Mini-Submarines : The Ultimate Yacht Toy

Mini-Submarines : The Ultimate Yacht Toy

By HMY Contributor   December 30, 2015

If you're looking to kick your yachting experience up a notch, consider deep sea exploration from the comfort of your very own mini-submarine. There are several personal submarines on the market today that make for the perfect addition to your yacht and will fit right into your existing tender garage. Take a closer look at some of the mini-submarines that have been making a big splash for yacht owners worldwide.

The Triton Subs 1650/3 personal submarine is the perfect water toy for boating enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. Designed exclusively for yacht-based deployment it stands at only 5.9 feet tall with a modest crane weight of 8,580 pounds. The Triton 1650/3 is the world's lightest and most compact 3-passenger submarine in its class. Thanks to it's size, this mini-submarine fits in a standard yacht tender garage and was designed to launch from a standard tender davit. The 1650/3 will take a pilot and two passengers to 1650 feet in total comfort. This seamlessly designed compact submarine will have you experiencing the ocean like never before without having to experience a pricey refit of your yacht. The Triton 1650/3 is on track for a September 2016 release date.

The Triton 1650/3


The Deepflight Dragon two person submarine boasts to be one of the easiest personal submarines to pilot. Its unique hovering ability allows complete freedom to cruise alongside big marine animals or hover over reefs and shipwrecks for a closer look. The Dragon is inherently safe with its fixed positive buoyancy feature, meaning it will always naturally float to the surface. The maximum operating depth for this sub is 400 feet deep. The Dragon is considerably lightweight weighing in at 4,000 pounds. With a length of 16ft and a height of 3.7 ft, the Dragon is able to fit on a wide range of yachts will little or no retrofit required. This personal submarine launches, recovers and stores just like your tender.

Deepflight Dragon


Another mini-submarine that is sure to delight is the Seamagine Aurora 3C. Easily operating from a yacht, the Aurora 3C comfortably accomodates two passgers and one pilot. The well thought out configuration of this personal submersible allows all occupants an a exceptional, unobstructed view with ample cabin space. One of the many great features of the Aurora is its easy boarding process from yacht to sub. With the assistance of telescoping handrails and a solid, stable horizontal walking deck, passengers are conveinetly guided into the large top hatch. Aurora measures 11 feet long and 6 feet high with an operating depth of 1540 ft.

Seamagine Aurora 3C


With a large assortment of water toys on the market for today's yacht owner, none are more impressive than the mini-submarine. Beyond the fun of a jetski or an inflatible slide, the mini-submarine gives you the opportunity to personally explore the deep blue in a way most people never thought possible. A mini-submarine is truly the ultimate way to enhance your yachting experience.

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