Mini-Series of the Princess Yachts Process

Mini-Series of the Princess Yachts Process

By HMY Contributor   December 21, 2018

Scroll down to see all the videos of the Princess Yachts process.

The Princess Yachts' six-part mini-series gives you an exclusive sneak peek into the craftsmanship, skill and incredible passion that goes into each phenomenal vessel in the Princess Yachts fleet. The high standards by which Princess conducts their meticulous build process ensure that each and every yacht model produced is a world-class achievement in comfort, performance and luxury. From the furniture to the interior trimmings to the bedding, every little detail on a Princess yacht has been tended to with utmost precision and desire for excellence. With craftsmanship like this, its no wonder you'll "experience the exceptional" on board any Princess Yachts model you choose. 

Crafted In Plymouth Series, Episode 1

Crafted In Plymouth Series, Episode 2 - The Furniture Shop

Crafted In Plymouth Series, Episode 3 - The Metal Shop

Crafted In Plymouth Series, Episode 4 - The Mould Shop

Crafted In Plymouth Series, Episode 5 - The Loom Shop

Crafted In Plymouth Series, Episode 6 - Final Insallment

As exclusive Princess dealers for South Florida, we invite you to follow Princess Yachts as they share the interworkings of their first-class shipyard in their ongoing six-part mini web series. Click here to view all the phenomenal Princess Yachts models available. 

Over 50 years ago Princess Yachts set up shop in Plymouth, England beside the English Channel - a location that is home to a rich British nautical heritage. Since the year 1965 Princess shipyards have expanded from its once humble beginnings to cover an expansive area of over 1.1 million square feet of production space. From the get go, the goal at Princess Yachts has always been to precisely build the world's most luxurious yachts centered around owners’ specifications for them. The tremendous level of dedication and attention to detail are innate qualities within our master craftsmen - its a passion that is apparent in every build. Thanks to a culture of innovation, Princess yachts are not only some of the most advanced in the world but also the most gorgeously realised. The incredible Princess Yachts team is comprised of naval architects, designers and engineers who first determine a design and from there, the artisinal craftspeople expertly bring the concept to life. With each episode of these insider videos from Princess Yachts, you will get to experience up close and personally the many exceptional ways in which the Princess shipyard makes yachting dreams a reality every single day. 

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