Miami Yachts & Miami Eats

Miami Yachts & Miami Eats

By Caitlin Robinson   January 31, 2022

Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show is a combination of the Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Yacht Show, which joined forces this year, making this the largest boat and yacht event in the world. From kayaks to superyachts, yacht brokers to engine vendors, you’ll find nearly everything boating-related at this show. Yacht owners, designers, and captains alike will be attending this event which will be in several different areas of Miami. You can learn more about the event here.  

Unless you plan to pack a lunch for this eventwhich would not make it past securityyou will need to eat at some point. Yacht shopping is a fun but laborious all-day activity if you are a serious buyer, and hunger will strike! Making decisions regarding which yacht to buy on an empty stomach is not a great idea as your decision will come to whichever one has food onboard or the biggest galley. We have put together a list of exceptional and close-by places to grab a bite when you're attending the show so you can shop smart and not hungry.  

With how engrained the Latin culture is in Miami, it’s no surprise that we would kick off this article with a South American restaurant. La Ventana is an authentic Columbian eatery located in Miami Beach. This is a restaurant where their servers are described as positively and enthusiastically as the food, so this is a quality choice if you enjoy the hospitality and chit-chat as much as the menu and ambiance. Some popular menu items mentioned in reviews are the Bandeja Paisa, the Seafood Rice, and the Guava Cheesecake. One traveler loved La Ventana so much that they went back a second time during their week stay! We believe that is a true testament to the quality of fare served here.

Photos courtesy of La Ventana 

Sylvano is a bit off the beaten path, but worth the extra steps. This spot has a full bar and features a classic Italian menu with, of course, homemade pasta. Have you ever had homemade pasta? Ya can’t beat it! Their food is described by their customers as high-quality and authentic, while the location is described as a “hidden gem.” If you are attending the show on Saturday or Sunday and trying to keep tabs on a basketball team, you will want to pop in here because Sylvano has five TVs strategically placed and sports on every channel—you won't miss a beat. Or you can check out the wall of photographs that highlight the past and present athletes who have stopped here for a post-game meal. They also have a beautiful terrace surrounded by tall shrubs and trees for a more private dining experience.

Photos courtesy of Sylvano

A sandwich in between yacht tours always hits the spot! Necessary Purveyor is a sandwich shop that has won the hearts and appetites of locals and travelers alike. They offer a well-balanced spread of carefully curated foods, vegetarian cuisine, vegan dishes, and gluten-free fare. While we haven't been (YET), Necessary Purveyor reportedly has amazing food AND service. The food here is described as fresh, tasty, and healthy by reviewers on both Google and Trip Advisor. There are about 700 restaurants registered in this area and a recent customer said, “by far the best thing I ate in Miami Beach!” I’m fairly certain that is the Times New Roman equivalent of a standing ovation! It is no wonder this restaurant sits on the throne as the number one restaurant in the “Quick Bites” portion of Trip Advisor for Miami Beach.  

Photos courtesy of Necessary Purveyor

Another opportunity for a fine dining experience can be found at Truluck’s: Ocean’s Finest Seafood & Crab. A surf or turf dish with a glass of aged pinot noir would be a wonderful way to celebrate your new yacht. Be sure to stop by the HMY tent before dinner so we can be sure you have something to toast about. While this location may be named after and known for seafood, they do offer vegan fare as well. Many customers have described the food as exquisite and outstanding with mention to the service being excellent. Truluck’s has indoor and outdoor seating and occasionally, live entertainment. This location does have a dress code, so be sure to plan on attending this venue on your best-dressed day. Revealing clothing will result in being turned away, so think Audrey Hepburn with modest necklines. They do not allow hats of any kind, either. If you’d like to make a reservation, you can use the OpenTable widget on their website, or by phoning their Guest Services Ambassador. 

Photos courtesy of Truluck's Restaurant

Craving a midday Lobster Roll? We know just the place to grab a delicious, made-to-order roll or a cup of bisque - The Lobster Shack! This family-owned and operated shack is located on South Pointe Drive. Their mission is to “serve delicious, affordable food that will make you want to come back again and again!” Based on the reviews they have received; I think they have achieved their goal. They are best known for their lobster which is imported directly from Maine, but they also offer oysters, king crab, stone crab, and many other ocean delicacies.  

Photos courtesy of The Lobster Shack

Have you ever had award-winning ceviche? CVI.CHE 105 is currently on a twelve-year streak of winning awards for their fresh and creative ceviches. They offer other traditional Peruvian dishes as well like Lomo Saltado, which one reviewer described as the “best they have had in Miami,” and Aji de Gallina. While they offer many true Peruvian menu items, they are best known for their South American seafood dish that their restaurant is named after. They have two locations, one in Downtown Miami and one in South Beach. Both locations are highly recommended by their customers and their servers are also mentioned as being attentive and friendly! This venue is very convenient for those that will be in the Pride Park vicinity of the boat show as their South Beach location is only a 15-minute walk away.

Who doesn’t love a good taco? Huahua’s Taqueria is a quick walk from the Pride Park area where part of the Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show is going to be held. Highly rated by their customers, a local to the area refers to it as his “favorite taco spot.” Huahua’s has a diverse menu filled with your typical Mexican dishes such as Elote, Quesadillas, and Burritos. They offer online ordering and delivery through Uber Eats, but their service is highly regarded by their customers and the staff is known to be attentive and kind, so it might be worth going in-person to enjoy this meal.  

Photos courtesy of Huahua's Taqueria

Whether you are a breakfast person or a lunch person, this destination meets in the middle and serves brunch – Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar. This locale was born out of the love and passion that the founders saw in the European and American Cultures. They thought Miami was the best spot to make their vision happen, and both tourists and residents have fallen in love with this boutique-style cafe. Most Crema-goers stop in for a nice, hot cappuccino or Avocado Toast but the menu has a lot to offer for those that do not have a taste for traditional breakfast like flapjacks or bagels. They offer sandwiches, fresh-pressed juices, salads, and even a few varieties of pasta dishes. This is a great spot for a quick bite in between yacht appointments.  

Photos courtesy of Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar and The Louis Collection

You truly cannot go wrong with any of these locations. They all have something to offer that is a little bit different than the next, so follow your gut. Any information that you need regarding reservations, business hours, or COVID protocols will be available on their website or their Trip Advisor page. If you are curious about what else Miami has to offer, you can check out our Dock and Dine article that features several other Miami restaurants. Enjoy! 





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