Last Minute Gift Ideas For Yachties

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Yachties

By HMY   December 15, 2016

The holidays are upon us and if you're still scrambling to find the perfect present for the avid yachtsman (or woman) in your life, don't panic, there's still time and HMY Yacht Sales is here to help in your search. We've rounded up some excellent gift ideas that are perfectly suited for the lifestyle of any maritime enthusiast. 

Private Luxury Yacht Charter 

Luxury Yacht Charter

A private luxury charter is a gift that keeps giving and HMY Yachts Luxury Charter Division can help you turn this idea into a reality. With access to the world’s most desirable locations on board a yacht that rivals any five-star resort, you and yours are guaranteed to create memories together that last a lifetime. The list of cruising destinations is endless and wherever your journey takes you, you can expect top-notch service from your professional crew. You'll be treated to fabulous meals prepared by your private chef and a variety of recreational activities that include snorkeling, scuba, fishing, skiing, tubing, kayaking, pampering and shore excursions. An HMY charter professional will work with you throughout the entire process of chartering yacht. We’ll advise you on the best seasons for your desired destination and help match your requirements and budget with the ideal yacht and crew. Our services are worldwide, utilizing our first-hand knowledge in chartering the world’s most exclusive yachts and creating life experiences to cherish forever.

HMY Yacht Sales Luxury Charter Division currently has two outstanding yachts available to charter this Winter season.  

ICE 5 140' 2002/2013 Expedition Yacht - Sleeps 12

Luxury Yacht Charter 

TAIL LIGHTS 2011 Azimut 116' Grande - Sleeps 10

Luxury Yacht Charter

Speak to a Luxury Yacht Charter Specialist today! 954-309-7256 or [email protected]

Personal Submarine


A growing number of yacht owners are becoming more interested about venturing below the water line and a personal submarine is the best way to satisfy that curiosity. The Super Yacht Sub 3 by U Boat Worx is the ulitmate private submarine on the market today with room for three guests. The ground breaking pressure hull design provides the clearest view possible so that everyone on board can easily see the hidden secrets of the deep. The Super Yacht Sub 3 is available with customized depth capabilities from 328 to 984 feet and it cruises along at 3 knots for up to 8 hours. This particular submarine is considered to be one of the most compact available making it very easy to tag along in your yacht's tender garage or water toy area. Read more about personal submarines here

For pricing, contact U Boat Worx here.

Underwater Drone

Underwater Drone

Drones have been popular for several years now, but the sky is not the limit for these devices - the sea is. The HydroView Sport ROV is a fun and useful remote controlled underwater vehicle that records live video and captures still photos in high definition. With Aquabotix's innovative iPad or laptop applications, anyone can "fly" the HydroView through the water viewing the live video feed from the safety and comfort of deck, dock or shore. HydroView is considered the world's most easily operated ROV. The vehicle's propulsion, navigation and depth are controlled using the motion control feature (accelerometer) and on-screen controls of your iPad, a video game controller or the keyboard controls of your laptop. No formal training is necessary. Watch the HD video feed to inspect your vessel and explore what lies beneath, record the video to share with others or document findings and capture still images along the way. 

Retailing for $5,900.

Dual Stand Up Paddleboards


Paddle boarding has recently taken the water sport world by storm since it's the perfect on-water activity for both beginners and those who know how to ride a wave. These water toys are ideal for bringing along on your yacht as well since they can be compactly stored yet ready for your use at a moment's notice. While paddle boarding is a lot of fun, it's even more enjoyable when you are doing it as a pair, so why not buy two boards at once? Cruiser Stand Up Paddleboards is offering an excellent package for two 2016 Kona Ultra-Lite Wood SUPs.  They are very stable, user friendly and provide great performance. Both boards come with a premium deck pad, three Fins, deck bungee and a one year warranty.

Retailing for $1,449.00. 

The Kube

The Kube Cooler

Is it a state-of-the-art cooler or is it a mind-blowing sound system? The answer is both! The Kube by Thomas and Darden is an incredibly innovative, must-have marine gadget that will have you feeling like you're in the front row of a concert while sipping your favorite chilled beverage. With The Kube you can enjoy a single system that replaces the need for multiple indoor and outdoor audio devices because it is so easy to bring along for the ride. Since it is totally weather-proof, you can keep the party going no matter what the forecast brings your way. Power, USB and line-in ports are discreetly located in the back of the unit and are equipped with easy-open and -close panels for advanced moisture protection. 

Retailing for $2,900.

Portable Hot Tub

Hot Tug

You don't have to be in your own backyard to enjoy your hot tub anymore and if your yacht doesn't happen to have one on board that's no problem either. Enter The HotTug, the world’s first wood-fired, portable hot tub that you can easily add to your yacht's tender garage. Imagine floating down a river in the middle of winter, sipping a refreshing beverage and relaxing in the steaming hot water - a truly fantastic, unforgettable experience. This tag-a-long hot tub definitely makes for an ingenious and enjoyable yacht toy. 

For pricing, contact Hot Tug at [email protected].

Orca Insulated Drinkware


It's always 5 O'clock somewhere! Whether you fancy a martini or a beer, keep your adult beverages icy cold while you island hop through tropical climates with Orca Drinkware's line of insulated glasses and koozies. The Chasterini ensures your last sip of shaken icy goodness will be as chilled as the first. The Rocket is unlike any other koozie you’ve used before. The two-in-one, 12-ounce bottle and can holder takes your icy cold brew and keeps it that way. Orca understands that there’s nothing worse than a lukewarm beer. The Orca Rocket is built to nest within itself and comes with a bottle opener in the base. With both of these Orca drinkware products, you can rest assured that the last sip you take will be just as refreshing as the first.

Retailing for $44.99 each. 

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