Keeping your boat in proper cosmetic and mechanical condition is priority #1

Keeping your boat in proper cosmetic and mechanical condition is priority #1

By HMY Contributor   April 6, 2020

Owning a boat is a blast, all of us would agree. We love to get the most out of our on-board experience and that means… getting her dirty. One of the tasks of owning a sportfish or motor yacht is keeping her spotless. It’s not always fun, especially after a weekend of fishing.

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It’s crucial if you truly want to get the maximum enjoyment to keep your boat as clean as possible; bottom side, top-side and interior. And with today’s world changing by the moment, we all know clean means healthy! 

You don’t want blood stains on your teak deck or food and drink stains on your leather, foul aromas of musty fishing gear stinking-up your salon, moldy carpets, or a head that smells like a nasty… well, you get the idea. You want your boat fresh and clean inside and out for everyone’s pleasure and comfort.

The good news is, there’s no need to dread it at all.

From the beginning, make it a habit to clean your boat after every use. While this will vary by owner, boat, and use, getting into the routine of it early is something every boater should do. Ultimately it just becomes standard operating procedure.

If you take a little extra time for T.L.C. and for preventative care along the way, you’ll save yourself a considerable amount of swabbing, scrubbing, and washing time down the road. You’ll also have an enjoyable place to escape to during those times when being on the water is a must for self-sanity.

Keeping your prized yacht clean doesn’t have to be as time-consuming as you might think, and you should have fun with it! Get the family, kids, and friends involved. Reward yourself with a nice dinner on-board from that day’s catch!  

Here are 9 tips gathered from HMY’s team of experienced brokers to help you get started and show you how simple it can be.

Spring Wax and Seal

Prevention is your best friend. Make sure to put a good coat of wax on the hull in the spring and seal your vinyl with a good protectant to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

Battle of the Bilge

One tricky spot that frequently causes problems is the bilge’s sanitation hose. The correct hose traps smell and if the wrong kind is used to replace a leaky hose, the smell will permeate throughout the boat. Not sure what exactly to do? Have an experienced service shop sort it out so your vessel isn’t fouled with an unwelcoming scent.

Keep a Clean Head

Regularly clean the head and every so often give it a thorough deep cleaning. Also check for any leaks to avoid mold and mildew build-ups.

Clean Carpet and Upholstery

Those years of fun in the sun, on the sand, and in the water mean your carpet and upholstery have absorbed lots of odors, food, sunscreen (and probably a few spilled cocktails). Don’t forget to give them a good shampooing or steam cleaning a few times a year to freshen them up and keep them looking as good as new.

Find and Keep the Best Brushes for Your Yacht

Make sure you’re using the correct brush for below and above water surfaces, i.e. tougher and more abrasive vs feathery and soft. Once you find the ones that work, buy plenty of them to always have on hand. 

Tackle Stains

Some of the most common stains on boats are often mildew stains on vinyl, dried fish blood on the deck, and hard water spots on the windshield. Here are a few quick tips and hacks for each:

  • Mildew stains on vinyl: These can be tough to get rid of. Do not use chlorine. This will destroy the vinyl. Something as simple as OxiClean works wonders. Don’t forget to finish with a good protectant such as 303.
  • Dried fish blood – That spring coat of wax helps here, especially when you wash it off right away. If you can’t clean and wash away right away, Bar Keeper’s Friend is your, well, friend.
  • Hard water spots on your windshield – A simple 50/50 mix of vinegar and water in a spray bottle will do the job. Sometimes a good water repellant is also useful.

Use a Boat Cover

If your yacht is subjected to the elements while not in use, a high-quality boat cover will do wonders in keeping it shielded and minimizing future cleanup.

Flush your livewell

Flush your livewell with plain hose water after each trip, and combinations of baking soda, vinegar, and peroxide will do the trick.

Rinse Your Deck

This is so simple yet is easy to neglect after a long day on the water. Taking a few minutes to rinse the deck and immediately scrub off any stains is worth the time.

Not only will following simple steps such as these give you the satisfaction of a job well done, should you ever decide to sell, you’ll have positioned yourself to get maximum value since she’ll be in mint condition.

HMY Yachts is happy to answer any questions you may have about keeping your vessel looking and operating like new and making sure she obtains maximum value. And when you’re ready to sell, let us know. HMY Yachts will position, price and market your vessel so she sells as quickly as possible and for the highest possible selling price.

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