Innovation from the Inside Out: A Look into Princess Yachts America’s Interior Design Process

Innovation from the Inside Out: A Look into Princess Yachts America’s Interior Design Process

By HMY Contributor   August 31, 2023

With a history dating back to the 1960s, Princess is among the most trusted names in the yachting world. Anyone who’s seen these spectacular vessels firsthand can understand why: the craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none, with sleek yet spacious designs and technically advanced features that make for a flawless experience across every inch of the yacht’s surface.  When it comes to the interior, cultivating an exceptionally personalized look and feel is perhaps what Princess does best. Here, we share an exclusive look into what sets their interior design process apart. 

Perfection in Personalization 

Since the beginning of their partnership with the UK-based Princess Yachts in 1995, Princess Yachts America has taken steps to ensure that each distinguished element aligns with the needs and preferences of American yacht owners. While this approach was initially focused on selecting equipment to appropriately service the North American yachting community, over their decades-long partnership, Princess Yachts America has become increasingly involved in the design process from early in the overall development stage. As soon as a new model concept is revealed, their team provides input for design, layout, and engineering, ensuring every model is built with the American client’s comfort and convenience in mind. From appliance selection to audio/video equipment specifications, even the smallest detail is thoughtfully chosen to improve your time on the water. 

On every model, there are several characteristics that are quintessentially Princess, including the thoughtful use of window spaces to optimize natural light and create synergy between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and expansive interiors. Simultaneously, you’ll notice a level of customization not seen anywhere else. No two yachts from Princess Yachts America are exactly alike, as clients are invited to engage in an exciting, personalized design experience. 

From meetings with family members including grandparents, to thorough one-on-one consultations with owners, these design sessions are memorable for everyone involved. They’re an important precursor for designing an end product that creates a home-like atmosphere from the moment new owners step aboard. A range of finishes, layout options, and luxury materials sourced from the world’s leading textile manufacturers have been hand-chosen for your selection; now it’s up to you to decide what your personalized space will look and feel like. 

An interior design showroom in the Palm Beach Princess Yachts America location offers a custom-level experience for selecting these interior details, plus the option to return for updates should you wish to make any changes in the future. Whether it’s accommodating pets, children, esteemed guests, ample entertainment opportunities, or all of the above, you can expect the design team to go beyond simply meeting your needs — they’re working to fulfill your dreams. Your yacht’s interior will feel welcoming and familiar, because you’ve played a pivotal role in its very creation. 

The Princess Difference 

Of course, facilitating such a high degree of personalization is no easy feat, but it’s one that Princess Yachts America handles deftly. To start, they manufacture the overwhelming majority of each yacht in-house using their own resources. This uncommon approach results in a seamless experience that supports innovation and improvement across every element of design, from processes and materials to engineering and technology. The vertical integration also leads to a bespoke end product with the utmost awareness to detail and quality control. 


And if anyone has the resources to pull off such an expansive range of models, it’s Princess. With more than one million square feet of manufacturing space and a design studio comprising more than 14 in-house teams specializing in naval architecture, CAD, and engineering, the brand is supremely equipped to meet the evolving needs of their customers. Each new model receives input from world-renowned Olenski Design for architecture, the esteemed design firm Pininfarina for interior detailing, and the exceptional expertise of Princess’ own in-house design and engineering teams. This three-pronged approach lends itself to the brand’s outstanding form, function, and aesthetics, representing the pinnacle of yachting. 

As the top Princess Yachts dealer, HMY Yacht Sales is North America’s leading team for continuous, unparalleled service. Whether you’re considering a pre-owned model or you’re in the market for something new, trust our experts to ensure your every need is met. We have more than 25 years of experience as a Princess Yachts dealer, and an office location conveniently close to Princess Yacht America’s Headquarters and service yard. Explore our currently available models or contact one of our Princess product specialists directly at 561-768-5600. 

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