In The Bite: Interview With 92 Viking Captain

In The Bite: Interview With 92 Viking Captain

By HMY Contributor   June 3, 2016

InTheBite's Dock Talk hosted an exclusive interview with Captain Rob Moore who runs the Fa La Me, a 92 Enclosed Bridge Viking. Sold by HMY Yachts last November, the 92 foot Fa La Me is a substantial upgrade to the owner's previous 70 Viking. Owners Frank & Mary Ellen Rodriguez travel around the world fishing and since delivery, their new 92 Viking has been treating them tremendously well. In the interview, Captain Rob gives us insight into the world of the amazing 92 Viking. 

The Fa La Me is an absolutely incredible vessel that takes size and beauty to the max. She features a layout of six staterooms and eight heads, a spacious salon and galley and a giant cockpit. Don't let her size fool you on the tournement circuit, this 92 Viking enclosed bridge is a worthy opponent and she is able to raise big game fish like the best of them. The Fa La Me just enjoyed a fishing excursion to Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic where she was able to hook up with quite a few blue marlin. She will be participaiting in several tournaments in the coming months and her track record says there will be success. The Fa La Me is rigged with the largest hydraulic outriggers Rupp has made to date. From tip to tip the spread measures an impressive 110 ft. On a boat of this size they tend to fish their baits a little further back due to the sheer volume of water coming off the back of the boat. When fishing, they like to keep it simple on board the Fa La Me and fish no more than 4 rods at a time. 

For years people have thought that fishing out of an enclosed bridge was hard to do. But Captain Rob proves you can compete at a high level out of an enclosed bridge. He mentioned that lots of people on an enclosed bridge will fish out of the tower. Captain runs his teasers from the bridge so he needs to be on the aft station. The main thing to keep in mind in an enclosed bridge setting is that you need to have more awarness of what is around you but as he said "once you get used to it, you're used to it." In fact, there's no better way to do long-range traveling than in an eclosed bridge.

In terms of driving, Captain Rob says "You have to think a little differently than you do in an open bridge boat due to different stations." Powered by MTU engines, the Fa La Me delivers silky acceleration while underway. The 92 footer hits 28-29 knots range about 600 miles at a cruise producing a fuel burn of 180 at that level. She can certainly move for a 92 foot boat and she tops out at 38-39 knots wide open. 50hp bowthrusters make her pretty nimble, pushing the bow around big-time. This comes in handy while fishing. 

After captaining the 92 Viking for the better part of a year Captain Rob is thoroughly impressed with it overall. He says “Viking did a great job with it. It’s a sophisticated boat, there is no doubt about it. Viking had to do that to be able to build a boat 92 feet to be able to go fishing every day. Technology has allowed that boat to be built and be what it is.” 

You can follow the adventures of the Fa La Me as she fishes throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico by liking her Facebook page.

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