How to Maximize Profit When Selling Your Yacht

How to Maximize Profit When Selling Your Yacht

By HMY Contributor   March 31, 2022

To get the most out of selling your yacht, it’s imperative to make a strong first impression, to create a visceral reaction from the potential buyer: giving them that “WOW!” factor as soon as they get the first glimpse. 

You’ve put so much into your yacht, now show it off in the way it deserves (and which will bring you more money)! If your vessel runs smoothly, smells and looks good, highlights the amenities, and gleams like a new vessel, you’re well on your way to recouping the max amount from your investment and setting yourself up for buying your next motor yacht, sportfishing yacht, or luxury center console.

To maximize the profits of selling your yacht, we highly recommend the following:   

Clean with Professional Yacht Detailers

If your yacht was well-loved and often used, there is a high possibility there are traces of dirt, stains, and smells that the new owner doesn’t wish to inherit. Hire professional cleaners that specialize in detailing yachts. Experienced yacht cleaners not only know what to look for when cleaning, they know how to clean it effectively, including key places like the bilge pumps.  This should also include detailing the engine room. Even if it isn’t technically where the memories are made, it is a crucial part of your yacht and a lack of cleanliness can diminish trust in your engine’s maintenance. Show that you properly care for your engine, and build trust with your buyer.   


Provide Exterior Detailing 

The exterior of your boat is the first thing people see when looking to buy. Excited buyers will be instantly turned off if they see nicks, dents, dull paint, or a dirty bottom. Buff out the scratches, diminish the dents, plus clean and wax your yacht so that its shine contrasts against the other vessels in the marina. 

Buyers also want a yacht that has had every inch well-maintained, even underneath! When your yacht is in the water, it is easy to forget the grime that can collect underneath. Ensure the buyer isn’t disappointed as soon as their new vessel is lifted from the water. Doing so will also allow you to inspect the paint and running gear underneath. Stand apart from other sellers and pique the buyer's interest with your exceptional care for exterior detail.


Take Special Care of the Critical Components

Taking care of your yacht’s aesthetics is a must, but buyers also want to know if your yacht will last. Pay close attention to the health of your vessel’s critical components such as engines, bilge pumps, generators, batteries, Seakeeper, and A/C. It is critical that your engine service is up to date. One may want to consider getting the engine room cleaned, painted, and detailed before their yacht is listed. Make it a habit to check the engine room once a day, or every time you hit the water. If you find any leaks or corrosion, you will be able to catch them early and keep the vessel’s heart in pristine condition. 

If you’re selling your yacht because of infrequent use, you still need to get her out on the water to make sure all systems are functioning properly. Just like cars, yachts need to be driven regularly to keep everything in good shape. Take the boat out for a joy ride here and there, or at least a simple maintenance run to keep her engine and key systems running smoothly.  Another important habit to start immediately that will play a big role in selling your yacht is logging all maintenance and service records. Keep dates, notes, receipts, and any relevant information handy and easily accessible.


Properly Stage Your Yacht

The care you provide for your yacht and the pride you carry for her shows in the way you present her. Pass this pride along by showcasing your yacht properly. Once your yacht is cleaned, detailed, and properly serviced, it is time for the final touch. Remove any personal or custom items that won’t be included in the sale. Stage each room minimally so that the buyer can imagine hosting their friends and family on board.  Once your yacht is properly staged, it is photo-shoot ready. A professional photographer can showcase your yacht in the most welcoming, luxurious, and exciting light possible — literally!. With these pictures, you are ready to sell your yacht.   


HMY sells a yacht every 12 hours and is ready to help you sell yours. Our experienced team at HMY can help you with everything above and our best-in-class marketing team will then spread the word about your exclusive vessel. Sell your yacht with one of the largest and most experienced yacht sales organizations in America. Contact us today to get your boat listed and sold for maximum value.

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