Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

By Katie Flanagan   November 8, 2021

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you are not alone if it is sometimes difficult to find the right gift for your favorite boaters. With that being said, our team has hand-picked a selection of ideal holiday gifts for the boaters we love most!  

For Our Friends who like Folklore and Fish Tales:  

Walker’s Cay: Folklore, Fish Tales, Rebirth is a product of “the spirit” of Walker’s Cay. This book was crafted to retell the very story of the island itself, share the rich fishing history, and share the events that took place for the rebirth of the one and only Walker’s Cay.  

For over eighty-five years, Walker’s Cay has been a legendary fishing resort known by anglers worldwide as a premier deep-sea fishing destination. The rebirth of Walker’s Cay, after a seventeen-year closure, is underway to welcome visitors who desire to fish, dive, and explore the beautiful reef surrounding this gateway to the northern Abacos. 

This piece of literature includes three richly illustrated sections: 

  • Folklore: Chronicles the rich history of Walker’s Cay from the 1500s to the early 2000s, including a profile of the island’s namesake, Thomas Walker.  
  • Fish Tales: An anthology of personal stories from captains, families, staff, fishermen, and guests, showcasing their adventures and love for the rock, Walker’s Cay.  
  • Rebirth: A behind-the-scenes look at how Carl and Gigi Allen, together with the Allen Exploration team, are redeveloping the island to its former glory. 

For Our Rum Connoisseurs:  

If you're looking for a bottle of rum for your favorite boaters this holiday season to enjoy out on the boat, look no further. Our team has hand-picked some of their favorites. 

Frigate Reserve Rum- a rum that blends a story of friends, legends, and history together to bring you one of our favorites.

"The Frigate, or Warbird, keeps its vigil over the ocean’s blue lens by day and night, making landfall only occasionally, maintaining its station as master seeker of the world’s seas. Symbolizing complete freedom within those thin spaces where sea and sky become one. Such is our choice."

“Life on the Wing”


Papa’s Pilar- an ultra-premium, award-winning rum inspired by the world's greatest adventurer, Ernest “Papa” Hemingway and his beloved boat, the Pilar. Papa was an author, explorer, story-teller, conservationist, bon vivant and Key West local who is celebrated for what he was not: a spectator. 

While we’re talking about drinks, we also recommend... 

Hopetown Vodka- Made in South Carolina, and inspired by the Bahamas, King Spirits, and Carey Chen crafted Hopetown Vodka. It is handcrafted in small batches in Charleston, South Carolina, distilled six times, and is all-natural and gluten-free. Hope Town Vodka has a delicate, clean, subtly sweet character with an incredibly smooth finish. Click here to order online.

Toadfish Outfitters- a company committed to cleaning the coastal waters offers products that our team can't help but rave about! Check out our suggestions below.

For the Boatowners Looking for Custom Artwork & Apparel:  

Dennis Friel – Connect by Water  

Are you looking to design custom boat gear as a gift this year? Look no further! Dennis Friel- owner and the skilled artist of Connect by Water can help. Check out his custom boat gear online here.  

Gifts for the Female Boaters

Clutch and Release Handbags-  Are you a lady angler? Clutch and Release designs custom fishing clutches for lady anglers using their favorite release flags!  

Ladies Love Pink Sailfish Release Flags-  Sailfish season is right around the corner and what’s better than a Ladies Love Pink Sailfish Release flag! Check it out here for all your female anglers on board!  

Apparel for Our Anglers: 

Scales Gear- Our friends over at Scales gear put together a 2021 Holiday gift guide including everything from polo shirts and golf shorts for Dad, to boardshorts, bikinis, and SPF –stain-resistant performance fishing gear for everyone on the boat! 

Their new "Offshore Country Club" line is one you do not want to miss! Click here to check it out.  

Free Fly and their team use a bamboo blend to design the lightest hooded performance shirts for the outdoors. Check it out here. For the women who enjoy boating check out Free Fly’s bamboo skorts and active dresses online too!  

Poncho Outdoors- Looking for a lightweight fishing shirt for wading the flats in the Bahamas? Look no further Poncho has you covered with their easy-open magnetic pockets and lightweight material.

Forget the “Stocking” for Stocking Stuffers

It’s 2021, and it’s time to get creative! Forget the traditional stocking for stocking stuffers and order a HUCK Performance Bucket! Not only can you use the bucket to stuff gifts inside, but it doubles as a durable bucket that is perfect for any day out on the boat.  

Looking to customize a HUCK Performance Bucket? Click here.

A Gift for the Boaters in Our Lives That are ALWAYS Out in the Sun:

Skeleton Optics- If your favorite boater is looking for a new pair of shades, the search is over. Skeleton Optics provides the most visually accurate lens technology for the active outdoorsman. Click here to learn more.

HMY wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season out on the water with their families and friends.

If you're looking for the right boat to get out on the water, our team can always help there too. Click here to view our inventory online.

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