HMY’s Viking Yachts Update: August

HMY’s Viking Yachts Update: August

By Logan Pryor   August 22, 2023

HMY is ecstatic about HMY’s next upcoming stock Viking, Hull #26 of the 54 Convertible. Exploring the décor of 54-426 will illustrate how Viking is a master boat builder that can perfectly combine both luxurious appointments and functionality.  

  1. Setting the Tone: A Lighter Touch of Luxury

Despite Hull #26 having a custom gelcoat hull color of Kingston Grey, HMY has taken a bold step by opting for lighter grays and creams as a slight contrast. Having this slight contrast will allow owners and guests to be surrounded by an environment that is bright and warm.  

  1. The Art of Interior Selections

The décor selection is a critical step in the building process. On each new Viking build, HMY works hand in hand with Viking’s preferred design firm WBC Designs as a team. Months before the deckhouse is laid onto the hull in New Gretna, the client and their HMY representative will participate in a scheduled décor appointment to pick every aspect of their vessel’s décor. All selections from the countertops to the headliner, all flooring, all wallcoverings, and all exterior upholsteries as well are decided during that appointment. After the appointment, the client will approve their samples, and HMY, WBC, and Viking will work together to ensure that the client’s expectations are exceeded.  

With a stock boat, HMY’s new product team decides on the décor selections just like a client would. However, HMY uses current and previous builds as guides to decide what décor selections would be best suited for many different tastes, while also attempting to push the envelope and set new standards.

  1. The Intersection of Form and Functionality

While the looks of the décor must be pleasing, they must also be functional. An interior with fine fabrics that cannot be exposed to the elements simply will not work on a boat, especially a Viking that will most likely be used for hardcore fishing and cruising. This is when the expertise of WBC and HMY’s long history of building Vikings become paramount, as both teams know what materials will work, and what simply will not work. Materials such as Ultraleather, wallcoverings, and countertops must be light, durable, and last for years of use.  

interior options for 54 Viking

  1. 4. The Anticipation Builds

This week, HMY approved the décor samples that were sent from WBC. Now, WBC will begin ordering all the materials in preparation for when the deckhouse is laid. Then, the interior can begin to form after the satin wood with horizontal grain orientation is installed and finished. This process will continue while the rest of the boat is constructed.  After Hull #26 is moved outside and launched for the initial startup stage, WBC, the installation team will finalize any of the final touches while the boat is docked at the Make Ready Dock in preparation for the delivery.  

  1. The Opportunity is Here and Now

Just because Hull #26 is under construction and the décor selections have been picked, does not mean that a client does not have the opportunity to finish the boat to their standards. Contact your HMY Viking Specialist today to learn how this incredible 54 Convertible can be yours soon! 

interior options for 54 Viking


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