HMY’s 2018 72 Viking Convertible Strives Beyond Perfection

HMY’s 2018 72 Viking Convertible Strives Beyond Perfection

By Lacey Hagler   June 6, 2019

As the leading Viking dealer, HMY’s goal while ordering our 2018 72 Viking Convertible was to use our years of experience in building, running, and fishing Vikings to select the optimum options for a true thoroughbred. Paralleled with Viking Yachts’ ideologies, we are constantly striving beyond perfection to bring you masterfully-designed yachts. Thus, our 2018 72 Viking Convertible came into fruition with upgraded MTU 16V Series 2000 twin 2,635HP engines, a Seakeeper 26, an open bridge layout including a thoughtfully planned-out salon and four staterooms with private heads, a tuna tower, and fishing features that will put her tournament competitors to shame.

 Image 2312: 2018_72_transom



Viking Yachts designed this 72 Convertible to refine and improve on one of the most popular sportfishing yachts in Viking history- the 70’. By tweaking the deadrise at transom, removing aft chines to gain beam, and crafting a more conventional V configuration to create a slicker hull surface, the result is increased speed. More room below deck is provided from lengthening the hull and raising the freeboard in the bow, and incorporation of E-glass and carbon-fiber-hybrid material from Vectorply provides added strength while reducing weight.


Image 2313: Cockpit_2018_72 

The result of advanced design and our upgraded MTU 16V Series 2000 twin 2,635HP engines is a 72’8” boat that goes from idle to 1,850 rpm in about 10 seconds. With throttles forward, our 72C rises out of the water effortlessly hitting a 34-knot cruise at 73 percent load, and tops out at 47 knots. When sea conditions are less than ideal, don’t fret- the Seakeeper 26 compensates with an 80% roll reduction.


Image 2305: 2018_72_Aft



Most big-game captains will agree that there are certain attributes a well-designed cockpit should have, and our 2018 72 Viking Convertible has them all. Six inches added to the cockpit and six inches added to the mezzanine creates ample uncluttered space to move around. The 209-square-foot cockpit creates ideal walkthroughs on all sides of the Release Marine fighting chair, giving the wire or gaff man the ability to move with ease from one side of the pit to the other during the victory of a fish fight.

When you score a trophy yellowfin tuna, it helps to have ample space to store it, and an ice machine to keep it edible makes a huge difference as well. The design of the mezzanine allows for bigger, deeper fishboxes. We’ve provided two refrigerated port-side compartments, one as a four-stack rigged-bait box, and a freezer box fed by a 540-pound ice machine lofty enough to use a 5-gallon bucket instead of a hand scoop. If you’re into live baiting, the transom box is plumbed as a livewell. The cockpit is also wired for electric dredge and kite reels.


Image 2311: 2018_72_Mez


Viking’s trademark mezzanine seating on our 72C features the Cruisair “Cool Breeze” A/C system, a longer bridge overhang for greater protection from the elements, and molded-in drip rails and scuppers to prevent water from dumping into the cockpit while cleaning the bridge with her freshwater washdown.


Image 2307: 2018_72_Bridge


The 20-foot beam of our 2018 Viking 72 Convertible isn’t unnoticed on the spacious bridge. Along with three Release Marine chairs, comfortable seating is afforded port, starboard, as well as forward. A tremendous amount of freezer room is also supplemented by a refrigerated drink box.


Image 2309: 2018_72_HelmPod


The ergonomic command station is water tight and securely gasketed, with a place for everything and all remotes with designated storage positions in the radio boxes.


Image 2310: 2018_72_Lounge



There’s no need for a hurried angler to trek all the way below between battles, as the salon on our Viking 72C provides a dayhead right inside the salon door. Conveniently located near that is the Octoplex touchscreen breaker system, incorporated by Viking on all models 66’ and up. The upgraded “dewbery style” U-shaped ultraleather sofa lifts on pistons to supply large amounts of storage.


Image 2299: Dinette_1234

Don’t worry about breaking down tackle since an elevated dinette creates room for a slide-out locker with enough racks for eight fishing rods.


Image 2308: 2018_72_Galley


The galley design is that which started on the 92’ Viking, and carried down from there to the 80’. Now on our 72C, the social atmosphere triumphs with a raised cambria bar top and three barstools.


Image 2306: 2018_72_Berth


With four flawless staterooms, each with their own private head, it’s obvious that this Viking keeps space and luxury paramount during rest as much as play.

Dominant in Her Class

Our new shimmering blue 2018 72 Viking Convertible is available now, and yet another addition to this fabulous story offering ground breaking blue-water performance, style and engineering. We invite you to contact us - your exclusive Viking dealer- to see this amazing achievement in the Viking tradition.

For more information, view the listing or contact HMY Yacht Sales Professional Steve Moynihan at 561-722-9629.

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