HMY Yachts Bimini Rendezvous 2015

HMY Yachts Bimini Rendezvous 2015

By HMY Yachts   June 7, 2015

With summer right around the corner we are looking forward to our HMY Yachts Bimini Rendezvous at Resorts World Bimini this June 25 to the 28th. We have an exciting itinerary planned for our guests- from snorkeling excursions to fun beach competitions for the whole family to the “Best Bloody Mary” contest! Bimini, Bahamas is only 50 miles off the Florida coast and because of this close proximity to the United States; Bimini has a very interesting history. Bimini played an integral role during prohibition; Rumrunners would store liquor on the small island then smuggle it into the United States. South Floridians also treated Bimini as an offshore speakeasy! It was during this time that Bimini saw and influx of money and people- one very famous person made their way to Bimini: Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway spent a couple years in Bimini fishing, swimming and getting to know the locals. Bimini is also known for its fishing, with many calling Bimini the birthplace of Atlantic big-game fishing. The Gulf Stream, the legendary “river” of warm water rushes north past the Bahamas, makes Bimini a world-class fishing destination. Although the HMY Yachts Bimini Rendezvous is not a fishing tournament by name, guests are more than welcome to fish during their time with us in Bimini. The HMY Yachts Bimini Rendezvous will be an exciting three-day event full of fun activities, great food and drink, lively entertainment, swimming, fishing, snorkeling and more! For more information about how you can join us this June for our HMY Yachts Bimini Rendezvous, please contact HMY Events Director Elise Wever at [email protected]. Spaces are limited. Registration for this event closes May 25th.

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