HMY Yacht Sales’ Top Posts of 2023

HMY Yacht Sales’ Top Posts of 2023

By Michelle Garzon   December 29, 2023

This year, HMY Yacht Sales has not only showcased the epitome of luxury yachts but has also demonstrated a mastery of engagement and reach. HMY has cast a wide net across social media platforms, reaching an annual audience that's nothing short of remarkable. As the year comes to an end, let's dive into the impressive statistics and top-performing posts that defined HMY Yacht Sales on Instagram and Facebook in 2023. 

This year, HMY had an Annual Reach on Instagram of 2,286,118 and an Annual Reach on Facebook of 6,473,691. These staggering figures reflect not only the popularity of HMY Yacht Sales but also the extent to which we have successfully connected with enthusiasts and potential buyers in the digital sphere. 

Instagram Top 5 Posts: 

2020 Hatteras 59 GT Reel 


Reach: 1,264,809 

Likes: 27,579 

Shares: 5,680 

White Marlin Open Day 1 Reel 

Reach: 251,229 

Likes: 10,134 

Shares: 4,130 

Viking Demo in Cabo Reel 

Reach: 147,840 

Likes: 5,035 

Shares: 391 

Charter Post 

Reach: 133,823 

Likes: 2,581 

Shares: 1,511 

White Marlin Open Day 3 Reel 

Reach: 62,580 

Likes: 4,537 

Shares: 403   

Facebook Top 5 Posts: 

Viking 90 Debut 

 3 Second Views:


Reactions/Comments: 28.2K 

2024 Viking 68 Delivery (Dave Berard) 

3 Second Views: 289.8K 

Reactions/Comments: 7.4K 

Old #7 Pulling into Walker’s Cay 

3 Second Views: 287.9K 

Reactions/Comments: 1.7K 

Viking 90 & Bob Shomo 

 3 Second Views: 173.5K 

Reactions/Comments: 4K 

Pure Romance

3 Second Views: 84.7K 

Reactions/Comments: 1.7K   

HMY Yacht Sales has conquered the digital waves this year, captivating audiences with stunning visuals and engaging content. The impressive reach and interaction on both Instagram and Facebook emphasize HMY Yacht Sales' commitment to connecting with their audience. As we bid farewell to a successful year, these social media highlights pave the way for an even more exciting journey in the coming year. Here's to HMY Yacht Sales, setting sail in style both on the waters and in the digital realm! 

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