HMY Press Release : Launch Of New Website, Comprehensive Advertising Strategy

HMY Press Release : Launch Of New Website, Comprehensive Advertising Strategy

By HMY   October 8, 2015

Press Information Press Release October 8th, 2015 HMY Yachts Launches New Website, Comprehensive Advertising Strategy Palm Beach Gardens, FL (October 8th, 2015) – HMY Yachts, one of the largest yacht dealers and brokerage firms in the world with 12 locations and 45 professional yacht sales professionals on staff, is excited to announce the launch of a newly designed website,, along with a comprehensive advertising initiative. The new website is built in responsive design which allows for optimized viewing on any computer or mobile device. The goals of the new site include generating new leads and listings for our sales team, as well as to demonstrate the benefits of listing your yacht with HMY. “HMY is constantly striving to improve our customers’ experience and an important part of this is to ensure that our brokerage listings are getting the most visibility possible. Our new website is easy to use and customers may find their listing featured on the homepage”, explains Tim Derrico, Director of Sales. In addition to the newly designed website, HMY has partnered heavily with the major boating industry advertising outlets this year including Bonnier, AIM Media, and Dominion Marine Media. HMY will not only be expanding its reach in print to be the first yacht brokerage firm in the broker section of PMY and Yachting magazines, but will be focusing heavily on a combination of video and editorial content. Dominion Marine Media will also play an important role in HMY’s marketing plans, not just with, but with their co-brokerage inventory services and editorial team. “It’s refreshing to see a yacht brokerage in the industry invest in advertising so heavily and so strategically. The scope of marketing we do is a selling point for our company. Our customers appreciate the exposure and our sales team recognizes the commitment to marketing we are making,” says Rob Bowman, Director of Marketing. “There is no smoke and mirrors at HMY. We are the largest yacht dealer and brokerage and we advertise like it.”

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