HMY Honors Our Admin Team for National Administrative Professionals Day

HMY Honors Our Admin Team for National Administrative Professionals Day

By HMY Contributor   April 16, 2024

While the label “administrative professionals” is the corporate jargon term that classifies administrators and assistants, here at HMY, their roles extend far beyond this narrow terminology. Indispensable, multitalented, and sharp… These descriptors would be more fitting, but still fall short to communicate just how essential the admin team is to our success.

In honor of National Administrative Professionals Day on April 24th, we wanted to showcase our brilliant administrative staff, whose far-reaching contributions can’t be summed up in just a few words. And since there’s no one better to describe all that they do, we went straight to the sources themselves. 

Despite juggling contracts, boat show logistics, and countless other responsibilities, they took time from their busy schedules to talk to us — a testament to the many ways in which they’re willing to go above and beyond each day.

A Multifaceted Role: What Do HMY Admins Do?

Perhaps a better question would be, what don’t they do? Roles and responsibilities vary from one admin to the next, and each handles their respective balancing act with such finesse that to anyone else, it might look easy. But behind the scenes, we know their jobs are anything but.  

For example, Closing Administrator, Michelle Mayer, explains that one of her core responsibilities is to facilitate the sales process by assisting brokers with everything from listing to closings. The details of what this entails span far and wide: from preparing listing agreements to entering details into three MLS systems, to creating purchase and sales agreements, to collaborating with other brokerage houses — there are many moving parts involved.

Throughout all this, our admins are also pivotal in creating as smooth and seamless an experience as possible for both the broker and the buyer. But more than just minimizing hassle during the transaction, they also safeguard both HMY and our clients: admins are tasked with scrutinizing contracts to make sure all information is complete and correct, thereby protecting the interests of all parties involved.

The complexities involved with just one transaction are considerable, and when we think about the fact that each admin supports multiple brokers, it’s easy to see why they’re truly so remarkable — and valuable to our team. Further, it’s not just the transaction process that they support, but many other projects and initiatives. “Outside of sales,” adds Sales Administrator Kristi Ekasala, “the admin team also runs the day-to-day operations for each office, which can include coordinating dockage at our many locations.” 

The Skills for Success: A Look Inside the Admin Toolkit

Given the intricacies of the job, it takes a certain set of skills to succeed as an HMY admin. When asked what they entail, the admins we spoke to agreed: multi-tasking, self-motivation, and organization are paramount. “They need to be detail-oriented, organized, and able to not just find the answer, but know where to get it,” said Office Manager Laura Hogle.

Of course, strong communication skills are also a must. “In addition to used/brokerage sales, we work with our new boat department, service, accounting, marketing, and members of management within HMY,” says Kristi. “Our role expands outside of HMY to include working with other brokerages, assistants, lenders, insurance, attorneys, and documentation agents.” To be the point of contact for so many parties is a tall order in itself. To communicate with clarity, timeliness, and expertise while representing the HMY name is a far more unique talent, and it’s an area in which our admins truly shine. 

Beyond these hard skills, however, is a set of softer skills, including a commitment to the job which our admins also agree is essential. “They must have a general understanding of knowing that the brokers work on a commission-only basis, and that their job is important to the livelihood of success for the brokers,” says Laura. For many of our admins, contributing to brokers’ success is one of the most rewarding aspects of what they do.

The Allure of Admin Work at HMY

Administrative work often carries a reputation of being repetitious, but our admins assure us that this isn’t the case at HMY. “Each day is different, and each deal is different,” says Brokerage Administrator Yvonne Reeves. This ability to not only anticipate but actually embrace new challenges is a standout quality among our admins.

What else does our admin staff enjoy about working here? For Admin Jamie Shawky, it’s all about the people. “HMY is much like extended family,” she says. Admin Stephanie Fell, who supports the Two Oceans team, agrees: “All the people are the best part of the job. We’re part of a family.”

We’re so grateful these dedicated women are part of our family. But don’t just take our word for it — get a chance to see just how wonderful our admins are by connecting with them through your buying or selling journey. See our current inventory of yachts for sale here.

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