From the Flybridge- Episode #2 Tom Carroll Jr.

From the Flybridge- Episode #2 Tom Carroll Jr.

By Katie Flanagan   March 23, 2021

HMY Yachts is back again with a second episode of, "From the Flybridge" podcast. Listen in to this episode with Tom Carroll Jr., President of Princess Yachts America, as he discusses the history of Princess Yachts America, and the boat show excitement.

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Alexie Creary: What does Princess have launching? What do we have coming up? Rendezvous wise?

Tom Carroll Jr: There's a lot going on, we got a lot going on. We got boat launches, we got X80 and Y72. We got some stuff that we're not allowed to talk about yet, but we'll be talking about it with some select customers. We'll get that out there eventually. We got, of course, the Palm Beach Boat Show we're all excited about. We're doing a lot of campaigning for that show. We're excited about it. We're starting to get some good turnout.

Alexie Creary: And that's the first time everyone is going to see the X95.

Tom Carroll Jr: That is the world premiere of the X95.

Alexie Creary: Which is already sold.

Tom Carroll Jr: Yes, we are super excited about that. Boat is already under contract. So, we're looking forward to delivering that to the owner.

Right around the corner after that, we have our owners get away where we're doing Chub Cay, and we're doing Harbour Island. We're going to take over Valentine's out in Harbour Island and have probably 40 or 45 boats out there.

Alexie Creary: And that's huge.

Tom Carroll Jr: Have a great party. That should be a good time. Our rendezvous have been growing. Hats off to James and his team and Chris Cantwell from Main Street. They've been doing a great job, and we've been growing those.

When we started doing Northeast Rendezvous, we get maybe five or six boats. We're into I think 25 boat in Nantucket and we've grown our Florida rendezvous to about 40 some boats.

It helps sell boats. There's no doubt about it.

Alexie Creary: I've seen some awesome photos of everyone getting together. This year looks a little different, but as far as in a safe distance, some really fun activities. And it's a great way to even look at other products if you're considering moving up, you get to actually go on, make friends, you travel together. Don’t they have a group chat, I think I heard about.

Tom Carroll Jr: We have a Whatsapp group everybody texts on now.

This year, it pushed our team to the limits with COVID trying to pull a rendezvous off in Nantucket and pull it off in a safe way. Hats off to our team. They did a great job. We had 25 or 26 boats I think it was, or excuse me, 28.

You know, we did socially distance. We serve dinner to the customers boats instead of going out and having big tent parties. But we pulled it off. We made it as fun for the customers as humanly possible. Everybody had a great time and it worked and we showed it could be done.

People were worried at first, and it all worked out and everybody had a good time and nobody got sick. So, it was great.

Alexie Creary: That's awesome. Super excited for everything on the horizon. My favorite question to ask you that I've been wanting to know is that while you're in the midst of all this chaos, you're constantly busy working. Who keeps you in check?

Tom Carroll Jr: That's an easy one. That's still my dad. My dad keeps me in check. You know, he's always the one looking over my shoulder, making sure Hey, take some time off. Go do something. Because if not, I'll just keep going You know, I do love it, but he's reminding me that, "Hey, you can't just do this. You got to take some time for yourself." You know, he definitely keeps me in check and reminds me that it's not all work, but we have fun while we work.

Alexie Creary: Definitely sounds like he keeps you grounded.

Tom Carroll Jr: He keeps me grounded. There's no doubt about that. Got him and my mom, so they both still keep me grounded. I got two sisters that always Nag on me, too. So, they both do a great job.

Alexie Creary: Thank you so much for your time. Tell us where we can find the Princess booth at the Palm Beach Boat show and what to expect coming up.

Tom Carroll Jr: That is a good question. So, we are on the main dock as you come down the main city dock, and we're right there to the right. When you come down the main city dock right front of Bradley's. I'll never forget that we're always in front of Bradley's.

Alexie Creary: That's a great thing to tell clients. It's always what I tell them.

Tom Carroll Jr: That's the landmark you got Bradley. Just come straight down to the water and you'll run right into Princess Yachts America.

Alexie Creary: I think that was the best language you could speak to anybody. No one wants to know a ramp or a color code of a boat. Find Bradley and you know where we are.

Tom Carroll Jr: We're looking forward to it. I think it's going to be a great show. We've had a lot of RSVPs already, so we're going to stretch out the hours as long as we can. And that way, we can make everybody feel comfortable. We're going to do the same things we did at Fort Lauderdale, cleaning and hand sanitizer and face masks, and we will come out on the other side of this and continue chugging along.

Alexie Creary: Well, thank you again for your time today. We're excited for the future and to see these premieres at the boat show. And what's in these confidential files that you're slipping to certain clients.

Tom Carroll Jr: It's going to be coming. We'll get it out here. We'll probably have some things to talk about at The Palm Beach boat show. We'll definitely be sitting down with some customers.

Alexie Creary: I know there's some exciting stuff we'll have to have you back to talk about.

Tom Carroll Jr: I will definitely join you again for one of these.

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