Five Gifts That Can Afford to Get Wet

Five Gifts That Can Afford to Get Wet

By HMY   November 20, 2013

We have all been there before: Enjoying a day out on the water, excited to use those new sunglasses you just bought. Or maybe you’re showing your family some maps on the shiny new iPad you just got for Christmas and then suddenly the boat rocks, you wobble and your new sunglasses officially belong to Davey Jones. That shiny new iPad might still be shiny, but it won’t be working after a dip in the drink. Well fear no more because we have found five things that can get wet without the worry- perfect gifts for this holiday season! FishGillz Floating Sunglasses We ALL know someone who has given up a pair of sunglasses to the ocean before- we don’t want to lose that favorite pair of shades but somehow it always seems to happen. FishGillz has created polarized, fade resistant and lightweight shades that will float when dropped into the water! Check ‘em out at; $49.99 Stanley 5- Watt LED Waterproof Spotlight It’s always important to have a working spotlight that can handle a little water. This 5- Watt LED spotlight is submersible up to six feet as well as featuring an energy efficient LED bulb with up to 10 hours run time. Most home improvement stores; $59.99 WM3000RF Marine Stereo Receiver No worries here with this water resistant Stereo Receiver! This stereo receiver has USB controls for iPod, iPhone; two auxiliary inputs; a front-panel USB input and an SD card slot behind the front panel. It makes listening to music during you aquatic adventures enjoyable and most importantly worry-free.; $199.99 G-Form: Extreme iPad Sleeve Excited about your new iPad? Want to take it out on the boat and show off your new, high tech toy to your friends and family? Of course you do! The G-Form Extreme iPad Sleeve protects your iPad from water as well as cracks from dropping it. It can withstand the weight of a 12-pound bowling ball as well as drops up to 500 feet.; 59.99 Aqua Box Smartphone Case Most of use our phones not just for talking but for everything these days and it’s one of the last things we want to see slip overboard. Over goes our contacts, emails, photos and everything in between. This Aqua Box will make sure you don’t lose your phone and everything along with it- a hard outer shell makes this case waterproof up to 20 feet. The case also protects against sand, dirt and dropping. The silicone membrane keeps your smartphone functional while keeping it safe. $34.99 Thanks to,

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