Fish Tales and Boat Sales: Meet HMY Yacht Sales Professional Jeff Thiel

Fish Tales and Boat Sales: Meet HMY Yacht Sales Professional Jeff Thiel

By Katie Flanagan   April 6, 2023

To be featured in Angler's Journal, Jeff Thiel was interviewed to discuss who he is, what he does, and his passion for fishing.  

As a Cape May native, chasing billfish runs deep in the upbringing of HMY Yacht Sales Professional, and Viking expert Jeff Thiel. We had the opportunity to sit down and discuss who Jeff really is and how his passion for fishing led to careers in the marine industry.    

Thiel brings over 25 years of tournament sport fishing knowledge to the table with extensive experience in the maritime world. Running numerous fishing programs and traveling the globe has molded Thiel into a world-class fisherman and yacht broker. 

Anglers with fish in cockpit

Thiel started his career in the maritime industry at 16 as a mate on board the “South Jersey Champion” owned by Dick Webber.  

The lure and history of international destinations soon became a reality for Thiel. “South Jersey Champion” set course to sought after fishing locations to fish some of the most prestigious tournaments on the globe; including tournaments in Los Suenos, Costa Rica.  

Tyson's Pride Fleet Motor yacht and sportfish in water

“We had just fished a full season in Los Suenos when the “Tyson’s Pride” pulled into the marina. “Tyson’s Pride” had fished all over, including Maderia. I would do anything to fish on that boat.” My boss at the time- Mr. Webber gave me the blessing to go fish with them, with one condition... I had to return as his captain someday.” 

Jeff’s education and prior experiences led to the opportunity to travel with and work on the “Tyson's Pride” a mothership and sportfishing operation that ventured to exotic locations including Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Virgin Islands, and the Dominican Republic. “Where to next?” A remark frequently used when in search of the next hot bite on this sportfishing operation.  

The experience of long travels at sea and handling the challenges of yacht ownership are at the core of Jeff's pedagogy and career that allow him to stand out amongst other yacht brokers.  

Jeff driving a boat from the flybridge

“Being able to pull from my past experiences, helps me assist my clients. With all my past opportunities and experiences... I would not be the broker I am today.” 

Jeff's lifelong commitment to chasing billfish led him to the prestigious role of Captain. He has been at the helm of many sportfish, including new Viking Yachts and custom sportfishing over the years. With inexplicable knowledge and attention to detail, he deeply understands his clients' needs. His passion is now able to be shared with clients who have become like family. With his travel expertise and experience, Jeff is here to guide his clients through the entire selling and purchasing process.     

To learn more about Jeff Thiel and hear about his fishing stories and travels, check out his interview on our YouTube Channel at HMY Yachts.  

To watch the interview online, click here. 

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