Fall Charter Destinations—Where To Go

Fall Charter Destinations—Where To Go

By HMY Contributor   September 22, 2020

The luxury yacht charter industry, like most, stumbled and slowed through Q2 this year but there’s plenty of reason for optimism as the industry recovers and aims to be even stronger than before.

At HMY, we’re already seeing that the demand is there. One of the most popular charter yachts in the fleet, Tail Lights, is booked through July 2021.

Tail Lights Charter Yacht

Although her destinations may change due to the rapidly shifting travel rules and requirements of different states and countries, she will be on the water nonetheless, providing customers their dream holidays aboard a professionally crewed luxury yacht.

Even in normal times, an experienced and knowledgeable luxury yacht charter broker is the essential link between the charter client and the ideal yacht and crew. In these current times, filled with question marks, it’s crucial.  

HMY is on top of it. Our charter team will work with you until the second you step foot on deck to ensure your vacation happens, even if the berth-to-berth travel plan is slightly altered. (And of course, we’re there to support you throughout the entire trip.)

With several of the usual charter destinations—Bahamas, Caribbean islands, USVI, Puerto Rico—waffling between admitting international travelers or not, changing guidelines, or flat out restricting travel, here are several alternatives to consider booking now for your fall luxury yacht charter vacation.

South Florida and the Keys

With Florida open, a lot of charter boats that would normally be in the Bahamas are in south Florida. So why not start your trip there? There’s no shortage of beautiful locales or things to do in this yachting-friendly state and it’s easy to craft an itinerary that would make anyone jealous.

For example, a sample itinerary could start in Miami and Biscayne Bay and wind its way up and down the Keys, where you’ll find world-class beaches, unspoiled destinations, underwater state parks, abundant marine wildlife, and so much more.

Along the way, you can explore some of the most iconic islands, fishing grounds, and beachscapes in the world such as Islamorada, Duck Key, Newfound Harbor Keys, and of course, Key West.

From Key West, venture west about 70 miles and you’ll find the incomparable Dry Tortugas National Park. Explore historic Fort Jefferson and enjoy the gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters before heading back.

For a south Florida trip such as this, you may want to consider a sportfish yacht charter such as Miss Kathleen, a 60’ Viking.

Depending how much time you plan out for your trip, there are so many more hidden gems along this route we can turn you on to.

Saint Maarten

If you’re truly itching to get down to the Caribbean, you do still have options, including in the Leeward Islands. Sint Maarten, the Dutch side of Saint Maarten island, is open to Americans and all other travelers.

Just like after the awful 2017 hurricane season that saw back-to-back monster storms batter the island, Saint Maarten is back open and ready for business. Even if your business simply includes lying around the decks of the 102’ Lady Carmen motor yacht, soaking up the sun and gazing out on miles of beautiful beaches and shimmering water.

New England

After Labor Day, as the temps begin to cool and the fish move on, we typically see a slowdown in yachting activity in the northeast as yacht owners make their plans to head south for the fall and winter.

This year looks to be a bit different. New England is doing well overall and wonderful places like Newport, Cape Cod, Montauk, and Portland, Maine are eager to welcome yacht owners and charters back to their spectacular sheltered bays and harbors, inland lakes and rivers, diverse islands, and pristine beaches for as long as they can.

Try and catch some late season big game fishing action or relax and enjoy amazing whale watching and bird watching.

Bonus: an early fall trip means you’ll possibly catch the beginning of the changing of the leaves, an enchanting, much sought-after experience.

As we turn the corner into fall, call HMY today to start making plans for a much-needed getaway, wherever that may be. Our expert, customer-focused luxury yacht charter team will ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

Susan Harris - HMY Luxury Charter Specialist: (561) 870-4142

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