Design and Technology Innovations Viking Owners Can’t Do Without

Design and Technology Innovations Viking Owners Can’t Do Without

By HMY   August 23, 2019

The Viking Yachts mantra of “Building a better boat every day” is well-known throughout the yachting industry. Not because they say it loud and often but because they genuinely mean it and back it up with action.

The iconic boat builder is an engineering-driven company, thriving on the pulse of innovation and the constant development of new and revolutionary products.

To continually innovate and push the envelope, Viking controls nearly the entire build process, with a rabid focus on strict quality control. More than 90% of every Viking is built in-house; only components such as engines, transmissions, air conditioning units and electronics are outsourced. However, official subsidiaries Palm Beach Towers and Atlantic Marine Electronics ensure seamless solutions of the highest quality.

Their enormous manufacturing plants in New Gretna and Mullica, NJ are loaded with the latest technology and machinery, including multiple CNC routers for cutting composite and wood parts, and a $1 million five-axis profiler (the largest of its type in the marine industry), which creates foam plugs to build complex molds. New hulls are tank tested as scale models for hydrodynamic efficiency.

No wonder Viking consistently leads the industry in performance, innovation, engineering, luxury, and brand recognition.


Initially building boats similar to some Carolina boatbuilders — assembling the boats on frames at interval-based workstations — Viking took a big step forward in 1971 with the Viking 33 Convertible, its first all-fiberglass model. The instant popularity led to the groundbreaking 40 Convertible in 1972, which became one of their bestsellers ever and featured the basic hull design every Viking after would share.

While a lot certainly happened over the next 25 years, 1997 was a milestone year for Viking and the sportfishing community. The distinctive Viking look as many now know it was unleashed on the world with the launch of the 55 Convertible at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

2000 Viking 55' Convertible "O.C.D. (Reserved)"

This bold, aggressive, game-changing model looked much different than previous Vikings and proved to be an instant star.

The 55 was the first boat to take Viking in the custom-boat direction and sent the company on an innovation tear. The 61, 65, and 74 Convertibles followed, all marking a radical design shift away from older trunk cabin designs to flush-deck boats with rounded lines and big, teardrop windows.

Throughout the 2000s, Viking continued to innovate and introduce several new models, among them the 50 Convertible. With it came milestones in manufacturing, including advancements in resin infusion in the creation of tankage, propeller boxes, engine-room vents, and other components.

Seemingly ubiquitous on boats now, Viking introduced their innovative pod drive system in 2010 on the new 42 Convertible. Not content with that, Viking also unveiled the new MTU V16 Series 2000 M94 engines (rated at 2,600 hp) in a Viking 82 Convertible at the Miami International Boat Show, challenging long-held assumptions about performance in a boat this large.


2013 Viking 82' Enclosed Bridge "No Name 82"


Part of Viking’s growth and innovation focus in the 80s centered on motor yachts with the acquisition of Gulfstar Yachts, a Florida-based motor-yacht builder whose designs were considered among the best in the industry.

Viking enjoyed tremendous success building motor yachts from the mid 80s to early 2000s, delivering their last one—the 60 Cockpit Sport Yacht—in 2001 before taking a hiatus from the segment.


2000 Viking 60' Cockpit Sport Yacht "LINDONIA"

However, Viking recognized the fact that in today’s marketplace there is strong demand for a high quality, American-made motor yacht with an emphasis on style and performance. They answered this demand by introducing a true masterpiece, the 75MY, in 2018.

The 75MY hull features a brand-new design that maximizes space and power to accommodate the optional twin Caterpillar C32-A engines pushing a smooth 1,925 hp each. This level of power and range makes it possible to travel even farther and longer in Viking’s most luxurious models.


2018 Viking 75MY 

The innovation train continued, with the 82CPMY and 93MY soon following.

The 82CPMY effortlessly transitions from a luxurious cruiser to a bluewater battlewagon, creating the ideal platform for tournament fishing one day and heading on a three-week vacation the next. It features the cockpit space of a large convertible (108 square feet) along with plenty of room for relaxing, maximized by the versatile deck design that features an observation mezzanine and a molded-in 9-foot-wide lounge loaded with amenities.

The tri-deck 93MY combines the performance of a convertible sportfish with the luxurious accommodations of a motor yacht. Powered with twin state-of-the-art 1,945 hp MTU diesels, the 93MY is fast without sacrificing seafaring distance, topping out from 26.5 to 27.5 knots and cruising from 21 to 24 knots, with a range exceeding 400 nautical miles at cruising speeds. 

 2019 Viking 93MY 


Continual engineering and business innovation led to the creation and launch of Valhalla Boatworks, “a new company dedicated to designing and building high-performance center consoles with the same Viking quality, craftsmanship and expertise that has led the marine industry for 55 years,” according to Viking’s website.

The Valhalla models — V-33, V-37 and V-41 are a new breed of high-powered, luxury, fish-ready center consoles, the result of an innovative collaboration between the Viking Design & Engineering team and Michael Peters Yacht Design (who also worked on Viking’s new motor yachts). These hard-core fishing machines are loaded with two, three, or four outboards on a deep-V mono-hull that features MPYD’s patented Stepped-V Ventilated Tunnel running surface, which reduces drag while increasing speed, stability, and efficiency. 


2020 Valhalla Boatworks V-41

The stepped hulls and direct-fuel-injected engines combine to deliver best-in-class fuel economy and range. And when you get to the dock or your honey hole, maneuvering is a cinch, with the standard power-assist hydraulic steering and optional joystick helm control systems.

If you’re a lover of innovation and in the market for your next yacht, a Viking just might be the right brand for you. No other brokerage is better suited to get you into the Viking of your dreams.

Contact an HMY Viking Specialist today for information on any Viking Yachts model, 561-331-5200.

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