Critical Spare Parts to Have on Your Yacht 

Critical Spare Parts to Have on Your Yacht 

By HMY Contributor   April 6, 2022

Before setting off on any nautical excursion, preparation is key. Part of that prep includes having the right spare parts and tools on board to address minor issues that arise in the course of regular yachting.   

This ensures your travels are minimally interrupted and that you’re not reliant on services like SeaTow or TowBoatUS to save you from a minor predicament that could easily have been handled by you or your captain or crew with the right equipment.   While every yacht is unique and every trip brings new circumstances, here’s a list of critical spare parts and tools to consider having on board. 

Spare Parts

Keeping extra filters on hand is an easy way to save time and money. Filters for your oil, water, fuel, and watermakers will come in handy in case you get some bad fuel, leave your watermaker on too long, or encounter murky water in the marina.   


(Source: Yachting magazine)

Changeable spare parts for generators, watermakers, and engines are a good idea as well. To figure out which parts you need onboard, think through their installation processes, things that normally need adjustment, and parts that are tough to find in a pinch. Also, consider the age of these key pieces of equipment. While newer models won’t need as much attention, spare parts for more mature boats are recommended.  

Last but not least, it’s advisable to always keep an extra anchor aboard, especially one that isn’t reliant on your yacht’s power. In the event something does go wrong that requires a tow service or substantial repair, this will keep you from drifting out of position as you wait or attempt to fix the issue. 

Yacht “First-Aid” Kits 

On top of spare parts, keeping extra glues, epoxy, resins, and even smaller sheets of fiberglass on board can help patch some minor damage. Extra-wide plugs are also useful for stopping up holes as soon as they are found.   


Extra fluids on board are also a good idea, in case of leaks or in the event you decide to change your itinerary and extend a trip. Extra oil for your crew to execute an oil change in a port; extra engine coolant (especially in warm, tropical weather) in the case of overheating — these things will invariably save your trip. 

Extra Tools and Supplies

Just like your parents advised as you moved into your first home, always keep a toolbox onboard stocked with all the basic tools you may need. Wrenches, hammers, crimpers, strippers, and mallets will be very useful for easy fixes. 


(Source: PMY magazine)

Along with extra tools, keep spare light bulbs aboard. A light bulb out in your navigation or engine room throughout your trip is a major inconvenience, so it is best to fix it as soon as possible.   

If you think you may need additional fenders, store inflatable fenders in your anchor locker and inflate when you need them.   

It is now rare for people to leave their homes without their phones, but that is also an absolutely crucial gadget to keep on board. While you may have satellite radio, your cellphone should always be available for emergencies. You can also keep an extra phone aboard just in case, as well as extra portable power packs, that are charged and ready to connect to your phone to keep it sufficiently powered.  

If something goes wrong with the oil or other fluids, there may be a need for some clean-up. Keep oil-absorbent pads and buckets easily accessible, and any other cleaning supplies that can help with engine room messes. 

Lean on the Pros

To ensure you have what you need on your motor yacht, sportfishing yacht, or luxury center console, consult with your captain, broker, or HMY’s nearest office location. They can connect you with our service department which can help you with a full assessment if needed. We can help you build the best just-in-case kit for your yacht. Making sure you enjoy your yachting experience while being safe is our top priority. 

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