Chartering’s Value to Yacht Owners and Prospective Buyers

Chartering’s Value to Yacht Owners and Prospective Buyers

By HMY   August 7, 2018

Known for their hyper focus on personalized service, genuine personal relationships, and true love of helping customers buy and sell yachts, HMY extends that same brand mantra to the charter division. In a little over four years, HMY’s luxury charter service has leapt to the top of the charter world, coordinating lavish, customized getaways all over the globe, helping owners maximize ROI on their vessel, and ushering prospective buyers into new levels of yachting.



The addition of industry veteran Bob Saxon as Vice President of Yacht Management, Crew Placement, and Yacht Charter Division is a further statement of HMY’s commitment to excellence.

During his nearly 40 years of experience in the management and chartering of yachts, Bob says, “I’ve had an association at one level or another with some 3,000 yachts and owners and have conducted thousands of weeks of successful charter vacations all around the globe.” Bob is the proud recipient of the International Superyacht Society’s Lifetime Achievement Award as well as a soon-to-be member of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA) Charter Brokers’ Hall-of-Fame.

Bob firmly believes yacht ownership, sales, and chartering go hand-in-hand. HMY’s belief in the same is why he’s been tasked to lead the chartering charge. “There is consensus on the mission-statement from the upper echelons of HMY and throughout the organization to blend the amazing and scintillating world of yacht chartering with the sales efforts,” Bob asserts.

This speaks directly to one of Bob’s immediate goals of building HMY’s in-house charter fleet, which requires collaboration between the sales team and the charter division and hits directly at Bob’s other goals: taking retail charter vacation sales to new heights in this currently brisk market and introducing more potential buyers to yachting through chartering.

This last point is particularly vital—while researching a past (super)Yachting Index with Camper and Nicholsons, Bob found that 78% of people who buy or build a yacht have chartered at least once. “Introducing the delights of a charter vacation to HMY prospects or customers inquiring through our website and collateral marketing often represents the entry portal to buying or building a yacht,” Bob says.



Current Owners

One of the biggest perks of chartering for current owners is making money from periods the boat’s not in use and offsetting a portion of their operating expenses. In terms of bringing proper exposure to a vessel, no other firm is better suited to marketing listings than HMY.

Once an owner and HMY’s charter professionals identify objectives and craft a strategy to market the boat to the global charter brokerage network, the vessel becomes part of the juggernaut that is HMY’s industry-leading marketing and advertising program.


Prospective Buyers

Notes Bob, “Chartering can work wonders in allowing a potential buyer to experience the wonders of a yacht charter when perhaps they aren’t even sure they’d like boating in the first place. Once they’re on a charter, they are soon convinced.”

Alternatively, chartering affords the ability to try a multitude of different yachts before buying, or to learn preferred features before building to unique specs.

The possibility of chartering also brings practicality into the equation, Bob says, as for some potential owners, “it makes no sense to own a yacht when they anticipate only being aboard 6-8 weeks a year themselves, which is common. Running the yacht as a charter business and still getting the desired number of weeks for private owner’s use is a practical way to own a yacht.”



Whether You Are...

1. In the market and considering the best yacht to own with a charter program, or
2. Would like a better understanding about how one offers their yacht for charter, or
3. Would like to charter on a “try before you buy” basis, or
4. Would consider the delights of a yacht charter vacation…..

Just give Bob a call or drop him an email. 

For more information about chartering with HMY, contact Bob at the Dania Beach office at (954) 926-0400 or via email at [email protected].

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