Bonefishing – Gone Mudding

Bonefishing – Gone Mudding

By Katie Flanagan   May 11, 2021

The Bahamas are known to be one of the best bonefishing destinations in the world. Comprised of more than 700 islands, the Bahamas offers habitat in it's Out Islands that is perfect for stalking bonefish. These stealthy silver fish often referred to as "Grey Ghosts" reside in the pristine grass and mudflats.

Jarron Roberts has been a fishing guide for 25 years in Harbour Island, Bahamas with a rich family history in bonefishing. "Bonefish Joe" is a Bahamas bonefishing legend in the Out Islands, who also happens to be Jarron's uncle. His grandad Berlin Cleare was brothers with Vincent Cleare and "Bonefish Joe" who all fished as guides in the flats for these notoriously wary fish!

Bonefish hunt their prey by "mudding" in the flats.

“Muddin' means the bonefish are digging in the mud and feeding- all you need to do is grab a Kalik and throw your bait in the water because they’re feeding. They’ll eat anything.” Says Jarron.

Jarron also explained that the bonefish are “mudding” for clams, crabs, and shrimp in the flats when this occurs. When fishing for Bonefish many guides use dead shrimp or pieces of conch.

“Some days you have a good day and catch 10-12 maybe 15 if they’re biting good. Bonefishing is something that, well, it’s a 50/50- it’s a gamble!” 

"Sunshine is critical to bonefishing." These fish have color that helps them camouflage into their surroundings in the mud flats and shallow waters. When the sun is out the light illuminates their scales resulting in a quick flash that reflects. This flash helps anglers spot the fish before casting.

“Bonefishing is a quiet man’s sport - have to be very quiet. Bonefishing is not like other types of fishing. These fish spook very easily. We have the ability to get out of the boat when the wind is blowing out of the west and take a walk in the flats or I can pull around in the boat on a windy day- so we don't spook the fish." Says Jarron.

Jarron’s favorite part of bonefishing is, “chasing behind them to get them to bite the line when you can see them in the crystal clear water. It’s a game and you have to get them to bite.”

 That’s my favorite part.”  Says Capt. Jarron.

If you're looking to do some bonefishing in Harbour Island you can contact Capt. Jarron Roberts at Valentines Resort.

Or Jarron can be reached at +1 (242) 553-5498 .

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