Behind the Scenes at Nimbus & An Exclusive Look at The New W11

Behind the Scenes at Nimbus & An Exclusive Look at The New W11

By HMY Contributor   July 13, 2023

Since its debut in North America just under a decade ago, the Nimbus name has become synonymous with the sleek, purposeful design that embodies their Scandinavian heritage. From their Tenders built for day-to-day boating and transport to their long-distance-ready Coupé, their vessels illustrate meticulous engineering that has anticipated the needs of all boating lifestyles.  

It was therefore our honor to step inside their factories in Poland and Sweden for a behind-the-scenes tour, and to learn more about what’s to come in their highly anticipated Weekender (W) 11. Here’s your exclusive look into the yachting world’s newest game changer. 

A Smooth Experience Starts in the Factory 

When Nick Stamoulis, HMY’s Nimbus brand manager, stepped into the Nimbus facilities, he was instantly wowed by the immaculate atmosphere. “These are among the cleanest and most efficiently run factories I’ve ever seen,” says Nick. “You could eat off the floors. It’s clear that they care deeply about what they’re doing, and they’re eager to showcase their work.” 

Indeed, the clean lines, functionality, and multifunctional elements seen on any Nimbus vessel are a direct reflection of the same attention to detail they maintain within their facilities. As the brand expands to its newly acquired Edgewater factory, the U.S. will be fortunate to gain a Nimbus presence stateside.   

Nick was likewise fortunate for the opportunity to see several of the vessels in action during demonstrations on the North Sea. One standout performer was the Commuter (C) 8. Despite coming in at just over 26 feet, the day boat maneuvered through choppy waters with ease, cutting through the swells without a rattle. It’s details like these that have increasingly drawn yachting enthusiasts to the brand in recent years, and why the W11’s debut at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is so anxiously awaited. 

The W11: A Roundup of Nimbus’ Best Features — And Then Some 

Boaters seeking the added space of a larger vessel with the cruising capabilities of the W9 will be thrilled with the W11. Nimbus has included a spacious aft lounge, multiple sun beds, and an optional hydraulic swim platform (unavailable with the Tender models). There’s ample deck space, which is made easy to navigate thanks to the brand’s award-winning sidewalk design. True to its Scandinavian roots, Nimbus achieves a masterful rendering of functionality and style in the W11. 

Designed with weekend leisure in mind, the boat’s interior has multifunctional seating options ideal for dining and entertaining. The fore deck and aft deck are also well-appointed with social areas, and the folding side balconies add even more space when anchored. With protection against the elements and seating for three, the W11’s cockpit is similar to that of the W9, with the option of a large electric sun-top featured on the T11. Spacious storage for toys and equipment, along with twin cabins that can accommodate up to four people, round out the weekend-friendly features that make the W11 ideal for short excursions. 

Built with the iconic stepped hull design featured on other Nimbus boats of the same size, the W11 is primed for speed and terrific handling. Choose among twin Mercury V8 300 horsepower outboards, or select dual V10 400 horsepower outboards, taking the cruising speed upwards of 40 knots. Additional options include a factory-installed gyro (a first for Nimbus), as well as the choice between a generator-powered air system versus a lithium ion battery. The former will deliver around-the-clock climate control, while the latter saves on costs and is well-suited for day boaters.      


Explore the versatility of Nimbus by browsing through their collection of premium vessels. Begin your journey towards owning a Nimbus of your own: contact our dedicated brand specialists by calling 561-785-1500. 

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