Battle Of The Luxury Outboards: Center Console vs Walkaround

Battle Of The Luxury Outboards: Center Console vs Walkaround

By HMY   May 31, 2018

Often times, the typical argument goes something like this: 

“For pure fishability, nothing beats a massive center console with quad 350s, tearing over the open water to Bimini. I don’t need the full suite of creature comforts for the trip out and back.”

“There’s something to be said about the extra protection and comfort my sportfish yacht provides, not to mention the overnight possibilities, and the fishing experience is top notch.”

A happy medium, especially if you prefer to stick with outboards, is to consider an upscale monster walkaround outboard like this powerhouse 2008 Intrepid 47' Sport Yacht Walkaround. But which vessel will suit your needs best?

As the fishing market continues to evolve, OEMs have adapted to consumer desires, sometimes resulting in confusion and information overload regarding the seemingly endless options, especially as center consoles have grown to 40’+ in length and many manufacturers in the 35’+ CC market have berths now. You may find yourself asking, “should I choose the brute power and fishability of this 2016 45' Sea Hunter or a sophisticated beauty with more comfort and all the necessary fishability such as this 2009 42' American Custom Yachts Walk Around?” Hardcore fishermen love center console boats, but what about when your five-year-old needs a nap?

Contact HMY Yacht Sales Professional Dave Berard for more info on this 2009 American Yachts 42' Custom Walkaround

It inevitably will come down to personal preference, how you use the boat, and some compromise. HMY’s legion of experienced brokers will do everything in their power to shepherd you through the buying process with their usual diligence, professionalism, and trustworthiness.

Larger center consoles and walkarounds both have ample live well space, rod storage, gaff storage, tackle drawers, and fish boxes. So what are some of the main differentiators? Here are a few advantages each has that you’ll want to take into consideration and discuss with your HMY broker to ensure you end up with the perfect boat.


-Purely for fishing, the center console wins hands-down: 360-fishability to chase a 30-pound mahi and ample room for multiple anglers.

-CCs generally run much faster (cruise and top-end speeds) and have a steeper deadrise, getting you offshore or to the Bahamas much faster and without loosening any fittings.

-If a desired luxury feature isn’t standard—electric grill, sun shade, microwave, TV, swim platform, etc.—most manufacturers now offer it as an add-on.

-Minimalistic approach means less things to maintain, keeping upkeep costs down.

Contact HMY Yacht Sales Professional Tony Maggio for more info on this 2017 31' Regulator.


-The cockpit provides much better protection from the elements and the cabin provides a place to relax or escape the sun.

-Overnighters are more comfortable, accommodations are more inviting for families, and there’s room for more supplies.

-Generally speaking, walkarounds have better head facilities and some have galleys. Although CCs are rapidly catching up.

-They typically feature a lower deadrise, so you can sleep on it without rocking too much. This is also a huge advantage when drift or anchor fishing.

Still not sure? Don’t fret, as in addition to the premium center consoles and walkarounds HMY has in their featured listings, you can find the same quality and pedigree in Express-style vessels such as this 2012 43’ Intrepid Sport Yacht Walkaround.

Take a look at a handful of our featured center console and walkaround outboard listings and give us a call to find your dream boat. The thrill of the chase isn’t only limited to that trophy sailfish.

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