Announcing the Princess Yachts R Class: Experience the Revolution

Announcing the Princess Yachts R Class: Experience the Revolution

By HMY   July 1, 2018

“Aside from the revolutionary technology, the look and design of the Princess R35 is enough of a reason alone to make you fall in love with this yacht. One day all boats will be made like this,” said Antony Sheriff, Executive Chairman of Princess Yachts. “The R35 is a rare mix of elegance and technology. Often design imposes itself on functionality, at other times exactly the opposite happens. Princess has been able to develop a technologically revolutionary boat which is also extraordinarily beautiful. Something absolutely new, but also immediately recognizable as a real Princess.”

According to Sheriff, the innovation of the new Princess R35 forces you to forget what you already know about yachts and challenges your preconceptions. Even when foil enthusiasts hear of the Princess Active Foil System (AFS), they are dared to understand that these new types of foils do not make the boat “fly” out of the water. Designed by the Plymouth shipyard in partnership with world-famous Ben Ainslie Racing Technologies and Pininfarina, Princess had the aim of commissioning the AFS for more sophisticated reasons.

The Princess R35 employs foils to reduce water resistance by 30 percent, increasing performance and stability while decreasing fuel consumption. The AFS is far from passive- while you’re running, an on board computer is calculating input from pitch, roll, and heave acceleration through a high resolution IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) with consideration of boat speed, engine revs, steering input, and user selected modes. These measurements are factored together to automatically adjust port and starboard foil position independently of each other by +/- 5 degrees.


Image 2361: r35-exterior-raised-view


The captain controls modes from the helm to include Optimal, Sport, or Rough Weather, each with their own constantly adjusting algorithm to obtain optimal foil position almost instantly- 100 times per second to be exact. This prime positioning ensures the most ergonomic contact area at the bow at any speed for stable travel and grip to heighten comfort and efficiency.


Image 2359: r35-cabin-graphite-scheme


Princess’ Active Foil System isn’t the only innovation highlighted in the R Class- the hull of the R35 is constructed of 100% carbon fiber, and the traditional gel-coat has been eliminated in lieu of a revolutionary new paint process that has saved 300 kg. This makes the R35 weigh 25-30% less than other yachts of her class, giving her a top speed of 50 knots with twin Volvo Penta 430 hp engines, and placing her draft at a shallow 30 inches.


Image 2360: r35-cabin-oxygen-scheme-at-dusk


The Princess Yachts R35 combines revolutionary performance capabilities, stunning design, quality materials, and race-bred technology to deliver a unique on-water experience at all speeds. Her anticipated official debut will be at the Cannes Boat Show on September 10th of 2018.

If you are interested in purchasing a Princess Yachts R Class, contact an HMY Yacht Sales Professional today for tentative availability dates.

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