An Inside Look: The Just Delivered Viking 72’ C “Quick Raise”

An Inside Look: The Just Delivered Viking 72’ C “Quick Raise”

By Reiley Hutchinson   August 21, 2023

In the world of luxury yachts and fishing vessels, the Viking 72 Open Bridge Convertible has always been a formidable contender. However, owner Joe Bernert took his love for this iconic vessel to a whole new level with the creation of the Quick Raise – a brand-new Viking 72 that has been meticulously customized for efficiency, performance, and fishing prowess. In an exclusive interview with the HMY Yachts team on board “Quick Raise”, Joe shares some of the remarkable changes and updates that set this boat apart. 

Navigating Efficiency: CJR Running Gear and ElectroSea Strainers

When crafting “Quick Raise” Joe embarked on a mission to optimize efficiency. One of the standout upgrades is the CJR running gear, which boosted the vessel's speed by an impressive two and a half to three knots while maintaining the same fuel consumption. This translates to an astounding 8% increase in efficiency, allowing for more expedient and cost-effective journeys on the water.  Joe knew ElectroSea Strainers were a must having his previous 72 Viking updated with them before upgraded to his new build. These innovative strainers not only prevent debris such as mud, crabs, and grass from clogging the system, but they also significantly reduce maintenance requirements. Joe highlights the benefits of cleaner strainers, emphasizing the convenience and efficiency they bring to the table. 

Quenching Thirst Efficiently: Upgraded Water Maker System 

For boating enthusiasts who venture beyond the crystal-clear waters of Florida, a reliable water maker system is essential. The Quick Raise introduces a state-of-the-art water maker system that excels even in less pristine waters. Joe recounts how the upgraded system proved its worth during offshore trips in New Jersey, underscoring its enhanced efficiency and reliability.  

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Navigating the Depths: Unveiling the SIMRAD Sonar System 

As technology advances, so do the tools available to seafarers. “Quick Raise” is outfitted with a cutting-edge SIMRAD sonar system, a testament to the boat's commitment to staying at the forefront of marine electronics. Joe marvels at the leaps and bounds that marine electronics have made over the past few years, and the seamless integration of the SIMRAD system underscores the vessel's dedication to optimal performance and navigation. 

Culinary Delights and Comfort Aboard: Thoughtful Interior Modifications 

Beyond its mechanical enhancements, “Quick Raise” underwent a series of interior modifications designed to elevate the onboard experience. The pantry received a thoughtful redesign, allowing Joe to effortlessly prepare meals during fishing expeditions. From breakfasts to lunches, the efficient layout of the pantry streamlines culinary tasks, ensuring that everyone aboard is well-fed and satisfied.  In addition, the master stateroom saw a strategic transformation. While sacrificing a few drawers, the implementation of a consolidated rod locker in the companionway revolutionized the organization of fishing gear. Now, all rods and reels are conveniently stored in one location, enhancing accessibility and ensuring that everything is ready for action when the opportunity strikes. 

Restful Retreat: Optimized Sleeping Quarters 

Sleep quality and comfort are essential, especially during multi-day fishing tournaments. “Quick Raise” takes these considerations to heart by introducing modifications to the sleeping quarters. Spacing adjustments in the bunks offer more room for a restful night's sleep, accommodating anglers and crew members with greater ease. The forward berth also underwent a transformation, adopting a V configuration for the queen bed that maximizes efficiency and accessibility. 

Aft facing shot of a Viking 72 Convertible

Building Dreams with Viking Yachts: A Collaborative Journey 

Crafting “Quick Raise” wasn't just about upgrading components; it was a collaborative journey with Viking Yachts that allowed Joe to realize his vision. With five or six boats under his belt, Joe's experience shines through as he discusses the exceptional support and responsiveness, he received from the Viking Yachts and HMY Yachts teams. The ability to customize the boat's design and features to align with his needs and preferences was a defining aspect of the project.  Joe praises the swiftness of the build process, highlighting how the design decisions were made within a remarkably short timeframe. From signing the contract with Dave Meyer to the boat's delivery, a mere 10 months elapsed, a testament to the efficiency and dedication of both HMY Yachts and the Viking Yachts team. 

Unleashing Speed and Power: A Fisher's Dream 

“Quick Raise” isn't just a boat; it's a reflection of a passionate owner's desire for speed, efficiency, and unparalleled fishing experiences. Joe's enthusiasm for the vessel's performance is palpable, and his assertion that "this goes real fast and we like to go fast" is a testament to the boat's exceptional capabilities on the water.  This Viking 72’ Convertible is more than just a boat; it's a testament to innovation, collaboration, and a shared love for the sea. As Viking Yachts continue to push the boundaries of marine excellence, “Quick Raise” stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when vision, craftsmanship, and dedication intersect on the open waters.   

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