An Inside Look at The Princess Owners Rendezvous 2021

By Katie Flanagan   May 6, 2021

This past April, a fleet of Princess Yacht owners set out across the Caribbean to the 2021 Rendezvous located in Harbour Island, Bahamas. The 2021 Rendezvous had nearly 50 Princess yachts participate in the event with roughly 250 people attending. This was the largest Princess owners event to date.

Princess owners and their yachts were guided through the Devil's Backbone, a tricky area in Eleuthera where coral heads surface out of the water, to the outer island in the East Caribbean. Arriving on a Thursday, the group was docked at Valentines Resort & Marina. Owners were greeted with welcome gifts and bags from both Princess Yachts and HMY Yacht Sales, followed up by complimentary drinks at the dock.  

The team then delivered dinner to all of the yachts to conclude the first night of the event.

On Friday, Princess held a beach day on the famous pink sand beach on the Eastern shore of Harbour Island. The beach day consisted of a variety of activities including, bareback horseback riding, paddleboards, SeaBobs, volleyball, live entertainment, and last but not least the very competitive egg toss! Lunch was served on the beach with cold refreshments for everyone to enjoy. The weather was perfect for a festive beach day.

Saturday consisted of a very competitive scavenger hunt on the island. Each boat had a golf cart to scour the island in search of not physical items, but pieces of history that were spread across Harbour Island.

A beautiful Sunday was concluded with a cocktail competition. A select group of boats hosted a group of judges for cocktail tasting. The boats were decorated with a theme that complimented their drink of choice. Some boats had pink blow-up flamingos on board or tropical decorations while other boats threw a fiesta-themed cocktail tasting or put on a short skit to explain the story behind their drink. There was no shortage of laughs during this event.

Sunday night dinner was delivered to the owners’ vessels. Followed with Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a local island tradition where the Bahamians dress up in bright colors and elaborate clothes. Trumpets and drums are played as groups of people dance and make their way down the street.

During the rendezvous owners had free time to truly experience what the Bahamas had to offer. Some clients explored the pink sand beaches. Other clients went on diving excursions or fished the mudflats for bonefish, or tuna offshore. And some clients dove into the local cuisine eating cracked conch, fried lobster, and local cocktails that call the Bahamas home.

There was never a dull moment in Harbour Island.

To learn more about the Princess Rendezvous on Harbour Island, stay tuned for the release of our blog and social coverage exploring this island.

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