All Hands on Deck: How the Roles of Charter Crew Members Shape an Exquisite Guest Experience Aboard NO CURFEW

All Hands on Deck: How the Roles of Charter Crew Members Shape an Exquisite Guest Experience Aboard NO CURFEW

By HMY Contributor   January 22, 2024

When done right, charter vacations leave little for guests to think about. Save from deciding between sunbathing and relaxing in the jacuzzi, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy. But while you relax, the Captain and crew are working diligently behind the scenes to cultivate a world-class experience. 

This is certainly the case aboard NO CURFEW, a 98’ Princess flybridge built in 2012, then fully refitted in 2021. Manned by Captain Josh Lacy and his trusted team, the yacht and her crew lend themselves to a one-of-a-kind luxury excursion. With insights from Captain Josh himself, here’s an insider’s look at how the magic is made with a trained and efficient crew.

At the Helm: The Captain 

Aboard a yacht of this size, you’ll typically find a four-person crew, led by the captain. Serving as the crew’s foundation, the captain is responsible first and foremost for deft navigation that ensures the safety of the guests and crew. The captain also delivers an outstanding guest experience through a well-planned, customized itinerary, including excursions at each destination. For Captain Josh, this means treating his guests to spots that lie beyond the beaten path by drawing on his local knowledge. Unique experiences like these are in part why NO CURFEW books months in advance, from the Bahamas, to Florida, New England and beyond.   

But part of a superb guest experience also depends on having a happy crew – which is another responsibility of the captain. Beyond simply fulfilling their roles, the crew’s genuine delight has a contagious effect among guests of NO CURFEW. 

At the Captain’s Side: The Mate 

Working in tandem with the captain, the mate ensures safe navigation and docking. They’re in charge on deck coming in and out of port, performing all line and fender arrangements, and giving all distance callings. As Captain Josh notes, captains are only as good as their voice on the ground, so the value of a trained and trusted mate cannot be overstated. 

Aside from their navigational expertise, mates also support the captain in itinerary planning, and toy and excursion management. On NO CURFEW, the mate manages the 28’ tender and oversees all its operations. He also assists with meals and some guest services.

Crafting Culinary Delights: The Chef 

As with any special occasion, dining is critical in shaping an unforgettable charter trip. Guests can have an incredible time enjoying thrills and exotic destinations, but all of that enthusiasm can be sapped by subpar cuisine. On the flip side, a standout offering of cocktails, appetizers, and meals can make even the gloomiest of days more enjoyable. Captain Josh has witnessed this firsthand, which is why selecting the right person for the role is critical to a charter program’s success. 

NO CURFEW’s new full-time chef, Brooke Gowers, has a degree in dietetics and nutrition, and can create any dish you might desire. Captain Josh estimates that at least half of their guests request some type of accommodation, but not only does Chef Brooke meet guests’ dietary restrictions and preferences, she does so with flair. So whether you’re gluten-free, vegetarian, or have other nutrition requirements, you’ll be in good hands. From Asian nights to steaks and seafood – including clinging crabs and monstrous lobsters – NO CURFEW has been home to many decadent culinary marvels. 

At Your Service: The Stewardess/Steward 

Last but certainly not least, the steward or stewardess has the primary role of guest services. Their responsibilities include cocktail services, provisioning with the chef, cleaning, turn up/turn down, and laundry. On a boat of this size, they must also be able to fill in for the mate when they’re manning the tender. This individual must therefore be well-versed in docking practices and all watercraft safety protocols. 

A steward or stewardess is also tasked with consistently cultivating an ambiance fit to grace the cover of a yachting magazine. They perform final touches like table scaping and décor, creating candlelit dinners under a starry sky, romantic dining at dusk, and everything in between. While NO CURFEW shines all on her own, the steward’s sharp eye is what elevates your experience from enjoyable to extraordinary. 

Interest in NO CURFEW remains strong, but there are still spots available through 2024. To reserve your charter trip with Captain Josh or to learn more about chartering options, contact HMY’s Charter Director, Susan Harris: [email protected] or 561.870.4142. 

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