A Visit to the Grand Banks Factory in Singapore

A Visit to the Grand Banks Factory in Singapore

By HMY   April 26, 2014

Grand Banks Yachts moved their factory to Singapore in 1973 as they began building their iconic trawler-style yachts out of fiberglass instead of wood. When these luxury Grand Banks yachts are built halfway around the world it is “actually easier to travel there and inspect the boat prior to shipping than to make some corrections after it arrives in Florida” says HMY Broker Julee Jackson, a Grand Banks and Cruising Yacht Specialist. And true to her word, that is exactly what Julee Jackson did in April 2014. Julee Jackson sold Irv Lehman of Miami a new Grand Banks 43 Europa in September of 2013. Lehman could not make the trip to Singapore so he sent his son and nephew over to check out the new boat with Julee Jackson. After Julee met them in Singapore she took them to the Grand Banks manufacturing facility across the Johor Strait in Malaysia. Everything was all good with the boat except for a missing custom table that had been ordered but not yet installed- this was noted and immediately fixed due to the impeccable customer service Grand Banks implores throughout the entire building, buying and selling process. As a dealer for Grand Banks Yachts, HMY Yachts ensures your yacht will meet all industry standards of excellence and exceed your standards of personalized customer service. Julee Jackson is based out of our HMY at Waterway Marina office in Stuart, Florida. She can be reached at (772)692-7900 or at [email protected]

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