6 Easy Repair And Cleaning Tips To Get The Highest Purchase Price For Your Yacht

6 Easy Repair And Cleaning Tips To Get The Highest Purchase Price For Your Yacht

By HMY   June 5, 2019

So, you’ve decided to sell your yacht and you’re adamant about selling her “as is” and not putting one more dollar into her.

You’re thinking to yourself, “She’s a beautiful yacht and in decent shape. Somebody will buy her despite these minor blemishes.”

If these thoughts have crossed your mind, we urge you to reconsider and take a different approach.

Sellers that go into the sales process with this mentality instantly risk losing thousands of dollars, from continuing to pay storage and insurance fees while the boat sits at the marina, to getting less than maximum value due to not properly preparing the boat for prospective buyers.

While you may barely notice the nicks, scratches, and odors, and are used to the quirks of your boat, you have to now look at your yacht through a buyer’s eyes. What you see as “gently used” or “ocean tested” can come across as substandard maintenance and a lack of caring to a buyer.

Prior to listing is the perfect time to make sure everything works, looks like-new, and smells good.

In addition to recommending a pre-purchase survey (it’s going to happen later in the process anyway), here are six easy but important repair and cleaning tips that will help make your boat appear as clean and new as possible, ensuring you obtain maximum value.

1. Do a complete exterior detail and clean out all storage areas.

Image 2888: 2014 70 Azimut Wine Knot

You want that first ‘WOW’ moment to happen for a buyer before they even step foot aboard. First impressions are crucial. Whether it’s buffing, pressure washing, or polishing, make your yacht shine. Grab a buyer’s attention the moment they set their eyes upon your shimmering pride and joy.

Now that you’ve captured their attention on the outside, don’t lose it on the inside with dirty, messy storage areas. Clean out all storage areas so they’re move-in ready for the new owner and if you still have items in there, make it neat and tidy.

2. Repair any paint or gel coat flaws.

Image 2889: 2014 Viking 62 Daizen

While a certain amount of visible wear and tear is expected on anything pre-owned, you still want to do everything possible to bring your yacht back to a like-new appearance. This includes fixing any nicks, scrapes, abrasions, or fading in the paint or gel coat. What good is a shiny exterior if it’s pock-marked with very visible defects?

3. Clean and detail bilges and engine room and make sure the engines start promptly.

Image 2890: 2018 Viking 80 Gray Ghost

Not that you would do it, but you should be able to eat off the surfaces in your engine room. If your bilges and engine room are disgusting, why should a buyer trust that you’ve properly maintained the engine?

Additionally, if service is needed, do it. Tune the engines and charge the batteries. When you crank the engine in front of a buyer you want to hear that beautiful, comforting, solid sound that lets you know you’re getting to your spots and back to shore safely.

4. De-clutter and stage the boat.

Image 2891: 2019 Mangusta 94

You want to make the potential buyer feel like it’s turnkey and ready to go. They need to be able see themselves and their family and friends on the boat. Remove as many personal items as possible without making the boat feel desolate, and stage your yacht the same way you would your home if it was for sale.

5. Clean carpet and upholstery.

Image 2886: 2011 Azimut 116 Grande Tail Lights

Those years of fun in the sun, on the sand, and in the water mean your carpet and upholstery have absorbed lots of odors, body oils, and sunscreen. Don’t forget to give them a good shampooing or steam cleaning to freshen them up and look as good as new. If they’re really weathered, consider replacing them altogether.

6. Eliminate any bilge or head odors.

Image 2892: 2015 Grady White 37 Express Cabin

Want to kill a potential deal? Have the boat smell like a gas station bathroom.

You want your boat smelling as good as the day you took delivery. Give the head a thorough deep cleaning, check for any leaks, and make sure you have the correct odor-trapping sanitation hose on the bilge. This will make sure buyers are walking into a welcoming scent that keeps them on the path to purchase.

HMY’s team of 45+ full-time experienced brokers is ready to help you through the listing process and make sure you receive absolute top dollar for your boat. Contact us today to get your boat listed and sold for maximum value.


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