12 Reasons to Tap Into HMY’s Powerful Yacht Sales Network

12 Reasons to Tap Into HMY’s Powerful Yacht Sales Network

By HMY Contributor   April 26, 2021

You may have noticed; all your yachting friends are either buying yachts or listing them to be sold. If you’re looking to jump into the selling arena with your yacht listing, make sure you are partnered with a top brokerage firm that provides only the best resources.  You need to be absolutely sure your listing will be well-represented before your boat hits the market.

In the end… tapping into a powerful yacht buying network and seeing a “sold” sign is what it’s all about. With inventory turning over at an unprecedented rate, there is no better time than right now to sell your yacht with HMY.


Here are some of the strategies used in HMY’s proven process to help sell your yacht faster than you thought possible.

1. Access to Buyers – Our powerful ecosystem which has been cultivated by 43+ years in the industry with a network of 50+ well-connected sales professionals, provides buyers unparalleled access to pre-market listings resulting in done deals before the vessel can even get online.

2. Social Media – The HMY social team is constantly strategizing to stay at the forefront of engagement on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube – where people are spending more and more of their free-time. Implementing new, innovative ideas on a regular basis allows us to stay in front of the right buyers as our massive number of followers increases by the hour.   

3. Yachting Content – Content is king and HMY takes pride in curating relevant articles, blogs, podcasts, and more. Our dedication to quality content has earned us a reputation as a trusted resource to our customers and the entire yachting community.

4. Digital Marketing - HMY’s powerful digital marketing & advertising strategy is among the industry’s most advanced. It’s no secret, HMY is using today’s most accelerated channels to capture the attention of qualified buyers in all the right places. This creates maximum reach, relationships and results for your listing

5. HMY Website – Our web development team is always striving to achieve the most user-friendly website experience using the latest technology to ensure searching for a yacht is as simple as possible. Because of this, the HMY site has become a top industry search engine.

6. Email Campaigns – Tapping into multiple databases specifically built to target boaters and yachtsmen, our team promotes listings and fortifies brand awareness on a monthly and weekly basis with engaging emails that are proven to generate leads. 

7. Video Production – From in-depth custom walkthroughs to informative social Q&A’s, HMY has fine-tuned our video process to be as efficient and polished as possible resulting in more qualified buyers watching videos of the listings they are interested in – oftentimes before the listing even hits the MLS.

8. Print Advertising – Flip through any of the major boating and yachting publications and you’ll notice HMY’s strong presence in the brokerage section. We understand the value of continuing to advertise our current listings through print as many customers still utilize these magazines in their yacht search.

9. Experienced Sales Professionals – Our licensed yacht sales professionals offer years of experience within the industry. Our brokers have been captains of large motor yachts and sportfish fishing and cruising all over the world before joining the HMY sales team. This first-hand knowledge translates to unmatched expertise and deep connections in the industry.

10. MLS Enhancements– HMY has made the investment to ensure all our listings are enhanced on Yachtworld. This boost to the standard listing increases visibility giving your yacht a better opportunity to get in front of the right buyer. Additionally, our listings are displayed on 250+ yacht sales websites.

11. Events – It is important for HMY to show up for our clients at the events that matter to them. We have a strong presence at all the major boat shows and participate in dozens of tournaments by sponsoring and fishing. We value the relationships we build on the docks and offshore.

Pictured above: Valentine's Marina in Harbor Island during the Princess Owners Holiday

12. Marina Locations – Our office locations are strategically positioned throughout the southeastern U.S. and well-represented in all the largest marinas from the Florida Keys to Newport, Rhode Island. This is a big advantage for our customers because of the strong visual presence and expansive yachting network it provides.

If you’ve been considering listing your vessel, we invite you to partner with HMY Yacht Sales. Our firm is one of the most knowledgeable and successful brokerages in the industry with an extensive network of opportunities. Let HMY Yacht Sales help you sell your yacht. Buyers are waiting.

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