Power Catamarans have quickly become one of the most popular boats on the water today. HMY Yachts, among the leaders in new yachts and brokerage sales, will be the exclusive distributor in the U.S. for custom Power Catamaran models starting with the 555, built by Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing and designed by Du Toit Yacht Design. When you have questions about a Two Oceans 555 Power Catamaran, turn to HMY for answers.

What differentiates the Two Oceans 555 from the competition?

The Two Oceans 555 is a limited-production Power Catamaran built by a long-tenured custom Catamaran builder and being built for the boat owner looking to maximize their space, comfort and elegance on a 55’ vessel.

Where are the new Two Oceans 555 Power Catamarans being produced?

Cape Town, South Africa. The Catamaran capital of the World.

Who is the designer of the Two Oceans 555?

Du Toit Yacht Design

What level of expertise does the manufacturer possess, specifically in Power Catamaran production?

Two Oceans Marine Manufacturing, the builder of the 555, has over 30 Years of experience building custom Sail and Power Catamarans as well as Monohull products.

Are these previously used hulls, topside parts, or a design used by another manufacturer?

No, the Two Oceans 555 is a “from scratch” design.  From the keels to the hardtop, the 555 is an entirely new product. 

Is an “On-Deck” Master standard on this vessel?

Yes, an “On-Deck” master is a standard on the Two Oceans 555.

Is the “On-Deck” master on the same plane as the salon deck level or do you have to walk up or down stair sets to reach the master?

The Two Oceans 555 is the only Power Catamaran of this size to offer a truly “On-Deck/Same-Plane” master. There are no stairs from the aft salon door all the way through the master stateroom.

Are other configuration options available if an “On-Deck” master is not desired?

Yes, there are two other optional configurations available.

How many staterooms are included in the standard “On-Deck” Master configuration?

A total of four staterooms are included in the standard “On-Deck” Master configuration.

How many staterooms are included in the optional below-deck configurations?

You have a choice of three or four staterooms.

Is it possible to add a lower helm station in the salon?

Yes, as an option, a lower helm station may be added, but only with the optional below-deck stateroom configurations.

What is the standard engine package on the Two Oceans 555?

Yanmar 8LV 370HP Diesels 

What is the optional engine package on the Two Oceans 555?

Cummins QSB 6.7 550HP Diesels

Is the Two Oceans 555 just a concept in the design phase, or is it a real product in production?

The 555 is not a concept boat. It is currently in-production.

Is it possible to order a Two Oceans 555 today?

Yes, please contact us at or at 561-228-4300.

Can I buy a Two Oceans 555 from another dealer?

No, HMY Yacht Sales is the exclusive distributor of the Two Oceans Power Catamaran line.

Are there going to be larger sizes of the Two Oceans product available?

Yes. please contact to discuss.

Do the solar panels shown in the renderings come standard?

Yes, the solar panels shown are standard. They will assist in charging the house battery bank and reduce generator reliance and help keep refrigeration operating in the event of shore power failure.

Does Two Oceans have an “Eco, Hybrid, or Electric” version of the 555?

Two Oceans is working on an enhancement to the 555 platform now.  Please contact us at to discuss further.

Will the Two Oceans 555 have running-gear protection?

Yes, the hulls will have integrated sacrificial keels in front of the running gear to offer protection.  If damaged, these sacrificial keels are modular and will be able to be removed and simply replaced with a new one.

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