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Princess Yachts and HMY Yacht Sales are known to be iconic brands in the global yachting industry. Together, they offer world-class motor yacht models, as well as HMY’s Princess Product Team sales and service expertise. When you have questions about a Princess yacht, HMY has the answers. Discover the pleasure and privilege of Princess Yachts’ ownership with HMY as your partner.

Why is design so important to Princess Yachts?

Princess has long been known as the catalyst for innovative designs in motor yachts. An example of their commitment to design, they brought on board Antony Sheriff, now executive chairman of their UK yard. Sheriff joined Princess from supercar builder McLaren. For the Y85 design, Princess partnered with Pininfarina, the same firm they partnered with to create the sleek, luxurious R35 high-performance sports yacht.

Why is The Princess Experience Widely known as “Exceptional?”

Every Princess yacht is designed with a forward-thinking mentality and crafted with meticulous attention to detail. So, whether you’re dashing across the water or moored in your favorite bay, you will recognize the difference Princess design and details make, inside and out. Your Princess yacht is an extension of yourself. A statement of your lifestyle. She needs to deliver unforgettable experiences for you, your family and friends.

Where can you find Princess Yachts?

The Princess family has grown to include more than 30,000 owners from over 100 countries across the globe.

Why is the Princess heritage so important for today’s owners?

Founded in 1965 as Marine Projects Ltd., Princess Yachts has grown into one of the finest luxury yachting brands in the world, producing beautifully elegant and innovative designs that continue to grow in sophistication and technology. The powerful and sleek hulls of every model offer a unique combination of speed, maneuverability, efficiency, and gracefulness, crowning Princess as the perfect yacht for any passage. All of this has helped make Princess Yachts a global brand with unparalleled quality, innovation and luxury. For more information on Princess Yachts, visit HMY’s website.

Why are the details so important to Princess?

Princess is determined to develop ever more ingenious ways to ensure every last millimeter of your boat is ergonomically sound, highly practical, and spatially perfect. Once their team of naval architects, designers and engineers have determined a design, their craftspeople fastidiously bring it to life.

Every beautiful detail is crafted and finished within Princess’ Plymouth shipyards. This enables Princess to consistently monitor quality throughout each build.

Is Princess known for Exceptional Deep-V hulls?

Yes. Their pioneering of deep-V hulls are born from their naval architect’s obsession with exceptional seakeeping and voluminous space. Their sculpted form is shaped from a lightweight, resin-infused hull composite which can create greater internal volume compared to standard hull production methods. This clever design makes these vessels extremely efficient.

In what ways are Princess yachts fuel efficient?

Their ingenious designs ensure they require less power and burns less fuel to achieve maximum speed. Such precision thinking gives rise to the most exhilarating performance, defined by its efficiency, agility and poise. Whether you’re slicing through the seas at 40 knots or navigating stormy waters – a foundation of superior engineering rides with you.

Where are Princess Yachts built?

Plymouth, England on the edge of the English Channel.

Why is Plymouth significant in shipbuilding?

Plymouth has always played a part in Britain’s maritime history. Home to Sir Francis Drake in the 16th century Plymouth played a key role in many of the great sea captain’s most famous voyages. And in 1620 the Pilgrim Fathers set sail aboard the Mayflower from Plymouth’s historic Barbican.

How large are the Princess Shipyards?

Princess shipyards cover an area of over 1.1 million square feet, in an area rich in British maritime heritage. In fact, South Yard, where Princess M Class superyachts are constructed, is a former naval yard dating back to the 17th century. This includes over 3,000 people, each possessing a mastery of their skill. Watch the video.

How are Innovation and Beauty woven together in each model?

Through a culture of innovation, Princess yachts are not only some of the most technically advanced in the world but also some of the most beautifully designed vessels. Their goal has been to meticulously sculpt their vessels around their owners’ enjoyment of them. Such dedication and attention to detail resonates deeply with their Plymouth craftsmen.

How does Princess transform design into reality?

1:1 scale mock-ups are an integral part of how Princess brings design into reality. The eagerly anticipated new X95 mock-up allowed customers to experience the true feeling of the vast space on-board ahead of her launch.

What makes the Princess X95 a yacht perfect for the most discerning of owners?

Characterized by beautifully sculpted surfaces and long flowing lines, the X95 defines a striking design language for this new Class. Both her flybridge and main deck cover almost the full length of the yacht, delivering expansive spaces with flexibility that enables you to define each journey around your guests’ preferences. With a fuel capacity of 13,400 liters, the X95 has the range for far-reaching, adventurous voyages.

What size range can you find with the new Princess line?

Princess Yachts currently has 6 model ranges that includes 21 total models in their fleet from 35’ 9” to 95’ 6”. Contact HMY Yachts Princess Product Team for more information or visit HMY’s website. See the entire Princess Yachts line here.

What is The Princess Active Foil System (AFS)?

The Princess Active Foil System (AFS) developed in partnership with BAR Technologies – the British company behind Britain’s attempt to win back the America’s Cup, works in conjunction with the hull to dramatically improve stability, comfort and seakeeping whilst reducing drag by up to 30%. Port and starboard foils adjust independently of each other, their positions calculated 100 times per second by an onboard computer to re-define ride comfort and high-speed cornering ability. Unlike other foil technologies, AFS does not lift the hull out of the water. Instead, it adjusts the heel angle and attitude of the boat ensuring the most effective contact area at the bow at any speed for stable travel and extreme levels of grip. A mode selector at the helm allows you to choose between Sport and Comfort control algorithms which adjust the attitude and responsiveness of the foils to suit your wishes. AFS works with the sea rather than battling against it, providing a completely new, on the water experience.

What is the fastest Princess ever?

The R35 reaches an exhilarating 50 knots.

Why is the R35 a stunning combination of design, quality and race-bred technology?

The R35 is a revolutionary performance experience at all speeds. Twin direct injection V8 petrol engines with variable valve timing provide exceptional levels of torque and responsiveness to safely power her to an exhilarating 50 knots: the fastest-ever Princess. Her windshield is a sweep of curved glass, tuned using Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Together with deployable side wind deflectors, the airflow moves cleanly above the cockpit and passengers’ head levels to create a neutral ‘bubble’ enabling you to ride, protected from the wind, without getting wet. The aerodynamically tuned twin air outlets on the transom help suppress any back spray on the stern of the boat. Aft of the cockpit a sun-pad invites you to soak up the sunshine before you step down to the elegantly proportioned swim platform to cool off. A masterpiece – her technologically tuned form and insatiable performance, place her in a class of her own.

Why is HMY considered to be a leader in Princess Yacht sales?

HMY Yacht Sales was named the North American Princess Yachts Dealer of the Year in 2019 and has unparalleled knowledge and expertise compared to any other brokerage firm. Many of our sales professionals have been recognized as Princess top producers year after year. It’s no wonder HMY is considered among America’s top Princess dealers.

Where can you learn more about Princess models and watch virtual tours?

HMY Yachts continues to provide our customers with Princess model walkthroughs and 360-tours. Click below for more information.
Princess Virtual Tours

How has the Princess Y85 raised the bar for modern living?

The Princess Y85 has been touted as the catalyst for a new look for future Princess yachts. It is another reflection of the design revolution under Antony Sheriff, executive chairman of the UK yard, who joined Princess from supercar builder McLaren.

The Y85’s elegant sweeping profile houses an interior haven that raises the bar for modern living. Her unique integrated hardtop is not an afterthought as is common for others; in fact, it’s part and parcel of the lines, one of the many understated design elements that set this vessel apart from its competitors. Additionally, for those who crave more sun and air, they can open the custom louvred panels.

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