Based in Stuart, Florida Whiticar Boat Works is a shipyard with a rich boat building history. Founded by Curt Whiticar in the early to mid 1900s, the company got its start when a 23 year old Curt designed and built a 33-foot single screw boat called the “Shearwater.” This fishing boat is considered to be the backbone for the design of the modern Whiticar sport fisherman we know today. In 1947 Whiticar Boat Works moved into a new facility where it is still located today and in 1949 Curt hired his brother-in-law John Dragseth to manage the growing company’s operations. From this time on the demand for Curt Whiticar’s boats increased greatly and the company took off. The company’s steady success came as a result of quality repairs and its famous line of seaworthy custom fishing boats.

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Both John Dragseth and Curt Whiticar had sons join the company and continue the family tradition of excellence in marine service and repair. Sons Jim Dragseth and John Whiticar manage the company to this day. To maintain the ability to meet the needs of the boating community Whiticar Boat Works established new divisions of the company, including: Shearwater Marine in 1996; Whiticar Marine North in 2003; Whiticar Yacht Sales in 2004; and Whiticar Custom Boats in 2000. The entire crew at Whiticar Boat Works are a knowledgable skilled bunch who put their heart and soul into the creation of each Whiticar sportfish as well as delivering reliable maintenence and repair. Customer service at Whiticar is truly second to none. Are you interested in a used Whiticar sportfish? HMY Yachts has the experienced yacht sales professionals on staff to help you find the perfect vessel. Browse our Whiticar listings below and contact us today!

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