50 Manhattan

The Sunseeker Yachts 50 Manhattan yacht was designed with luxurious details in mind for the avid angler or anyone who loves to entertain at sea. As you climb aboard, cherry wood formed into semicircle stairs will draw you up to the bridge. A small sitting and lounge area on the bridge lets your guest enjoy the ocean breezes as you take the helm. On the Sunseeker 50 Manhattan's interior, you'll discover master and guest rooms carved into the hull, and custom configurations are available. The galley is strategically located in a sunken area along the hull in order to save space. The yacht's engine room contains two 800-horsepower diesel engines. With only 50 feet of length on this vessel, the engines are ample enough to push it to 30-knot speeds on the open water. Fill the Sunseeker 50 Manhattan with 660 gallons of fuel, and you're ready for an adventure on the high seas.

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