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54 Salon Express

With style, presence, and functionality in mind, the Sabre Yachts brand has redesigned the spacious and decorative interior of its 54 Salon Express, offering customers a way to enjoy a new spin on an old classic. The builders of this luxury yacht wanted to create an airier feeling throughout the social quarters in the vessel, and it resulted in a more spacious design that allows individuals to enjoy an unobstructed view of the salon itself. The SureShade awning comes as a standard feature and optimizes the comfort of those who are interested in passing between the inside and open areas on the vessel. Performance-wise, the redesigned model has never been as powerful; it contains a Volvo IPS 950 propulsion option that can reach top speeds of 30 knots. The same stunning wood surfaces are present as well, commemorating the union between the old and the new in the ship's design.

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