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592 Flybridge

The Ferretti Yachts 592 Flybridge Yacht is built for style as it comes with a variety of skillfully chosen features that add value to the boating experience. The vessel was originally designed in two parts: The Studio Zuccon International Project focused on the interior while the Ferretti Yachts' engineering division focused on the necessary mechanical systems. The two major groups synced their efforts to create a powerful vessel that comes with desirable functions such as a reliable autopilot and molded-in steps. The vessel showcases a sleek styling design; the flying bridge extends attractively into the rest of the structure, resulting in a smoother transition from one section of the yacht to the next. The Ferretti 592 is known for its stripped-down aesthetic, and the freestanding staircase leads below deck in a classic design. Featuring a fuel capacity of 2,200 gallons and a water capacity of 300 gallons, this vessel is well equipped for extended trips.

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