Destination Northeast: Yachting In New England

Destination Northeast: Yachting In New England

By Kimberly Smith   June 13, 2024

When it comes to choosing a yachting destination, the world is your oyster. From The Mediterranean to The Caribbean, there are no shortage of opportunities to set a course for the most glamorous cities or the clearest turquoise waters and dream-like coves. The world’s oceans are quite literally teeming with incredible yachting destinations on every shoreline, each offering unique experiences and incredible vistas. But what about a destination that is right in your own backyard so-to-speak? New England is one such premier yachting destination, renowned for its coastal scenery, historic charm, and exclusive social scene  

The region's coastline, stretching from Connecticut to Maine, offers an expansive collection of idyllic harbors, quaint seaside villages, and bustling maritime towns. Newport, Rhode Island, often called the world's sailing capital, is famed for its historic mansions and prestigious regattas. Further north, Cape Cod and the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket provide serene anchorages, pristine beaches, and charming New England architecture. Whether navigating the sheltered waters of Long Island Sound or venturing into the open Atlantic, New England's rich maritime heritage and stunning coastal landscapes make it a must-visit for yachting enthusiasts. 

There are many reasons why owners desire to take their yachts to New England in the Summertime such as the picturesque coastlines, the typically good weather and being part of the social scene. Let’s take a closer, more specific look at what makes each of the above-mentioned New England destinations ideal additions to your yachting itinerary.  

Newport, Rhode Island 

A playground for yachting enthusiasts, Newport, located on Aquidneck Island, has attracted visitors to its shores since the 1600s. With depths ranging from 6 feet to over 100 feet in Newport’s outer harbor, it can comfortably accommodate vessels of nearly any size for docking or mooring in its calm waters. Newport's boating scene stands out due to its proximity to the open ocean and is aptly nicknamed “The City By The Sea”. The relatively narrow passage from the ocean past Castle Hill lighthouse opens into a large, protected deep-water harbor, suitable for the biggest motor yachts and superyachts.  

The HMY Yacht Sales office in Newport, Rhode Island, just re-opened for the season, and is perfectly poised to help with all your yachting needs. Nestled in Newport's historic harbor, the office offers clients unparalleled access to a premier selection of luxury yachts and expert brokerage services. Newport's rich maritime heritage and vibrant boating community provide the perfect backdrop for HMY's professional team, who are dedicated to delivering personalized service and exceptional yachting experiences. Whether buying or selling, clients can rely on HMY's extensive market knowledge and commitment to excellence in the heart of this iconic yachting hub. 

New express cruisers by ECLIPSE and power catamarans by Two Oceans are offered for sale through HMY’s Newport office. The Two Oceans Power Catamaran lineup includes the brand-new 555, 675, and 870 models, renowned for their top-tier quality and cutting-edge design. ECLIPSE offers two distinct models of Express Cruisers, the 505 and 605 with an option for a premium SHADOW Performance Package upgrade. Additionally, HMY can help boaters and yachtsmen buy and sell any pre-owned sportfish, motor yacht or outboard boat.  

Cape Cod 

Cape Cod is another excellent destination for yachting, offering a blend of natural beauty, rich maritime history, and diverse recreational opportunities. Its expansive coastline features picturesque harbors, serene bays, and quaint seaside towns like Chatham, Hyannis and Provincetown, providing numerous anchorages and docking options for yachts of all shapes and sizes. The region's waters are known for whale watching opportunities and scenic routes that include the iconic Cape Cod Canal, which offers a unique passage through the peninsula.

Onshore, yachties can enjoy pristine beaches, world-class seafood, quaint boutiques, and cultural attractions such as the Cape Cod Maritime Museum or the Pilgrim Monument & Provincetown Museum. The area's vibrant boating community and well-equipped marinas further enhance the yachting experience, making Cape Cod a premier destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure on the water. 


Yachting in Nantucket offers a unique blend of maritime history, scenic beauty, and sophisticated charm. Nestled 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, Nantucket's pristine waters and beautiful harbor provide the perfect setting for making yachting memories with family and friends. The island's well-equipped marina and mooring facilities can accommodate vessels of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.  

Things to do in Nantucket:  

  • Explore the island's rich whaling heritage at the Nantucket Whaling Museum 
  • Stroll through charming cobblestone streets lined with historic homes and boutique shops 
  • Enjoy the island's renowned dining by visiting local favorites like Galley Beach, Straight Wharf, and Cru. 
  • Experience the vibrant nightlight from from live music and dancing to laid-back beachside bars and sophisticated lounges. 
  • If yacht clubs suit your fancy, the historic Nantucket Yacht Club, which originated in 1906, offers incredible views of the harbor and amenities galore for its members.  

Martha’s Vineyard 

Located off the coast of Massachusetts, Martha's Vineyard combines natural beauty, tranquil waters, and upscale leisure creating an optimal yachting environment. The island boasts several well-appointed harbors and marinas, such as Edgartown Harbor and Vineyard Haven, which cater to yachts of various sizes. Its scenic coastline and serene anchorages provide the ultimate backdrop for boating yachting adventures. The Gay Head Lighthouse and Cliffs are a must-see landmark that offer stunning views. Onshore, visitors can explore charming towns with historic architecture, enjoy gourmet dining, and browse unique boutiques and art galleries. The island's vibrant social scene, pristine beaches, and opportunities for outdoor activities like fishing and kayaking make Martha's Vineyard a premier destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.  


From the deep waters of Newport's harbor to the charming anchorages of Cape Cod and Nantucket and of course the scenic beauty of Martha's Vineyard, New England offers an array of captivating experiences when you are yachting on its coastlines. The region's well-equipped marinas, vibrant boating communities, and ample recreational opportunities ensure that every voyage to this North American destination is both enjoyable and memorable. Whether you're seeking the thrill of sailing, the serenity of secluded coves, or the luxury of world-class amenities, New England provides the perfect backdrop for an exceptional yachting adventure. 


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