2024 AustinBlu Foundation Fishing Tournament

June 14, 2024 - June 15, 2024

Join the River Center and the AustinBlu Foundation for the annual AustinBlu Fishing tournament on June 14-15, 2024. This family-friendly tournament aims to support the education and outreach efforts of the foundation, which is dedicated to teach people about the importance of safety on the water.

This unique tournament will showcase not just one competition, but two! Anglers will have the option to compete in our Release Competition and/or the Harvest Competition.  In the Release Competition, anglers will receive points for the number/species of fish caught, photographed, and released.  In the Harvest Competition, anglers will compete to catch the heaviest fish out of these 4 categories:

  • Sheepshead
  • Crevalle Jack
  • Snapper (any species)
  • Grunts (any species)

Visit the AustinBlu Foundation Facebook Page for more information about the foundation.

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