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Calloway-Simko Team

Scott Calloway

Scott was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and he has had a passion for the water his entire life. He enlisted in the United States Coast Guard after high school in 1987. Over the next ten years he spent time serving at stations throughout Florida and the Bahamas. After enlistment Scott was given the opportunity to become the Marina Director for the Lighthouse Point Yacht and Racquet Club. It was there that he had an opportunity to gain a vast knowledge of the private marine industry and meet people from all different cultures. He spent three years at the Yacht Club before departing to work as a private yacht captain. He began his journey working on Viking sport fish boats in fishing tournaments throughout the Bahamas in addition to working in the Great Lakes and Canada.

Throughout the years Scitt was very fortunate to work for some of the finest people in the business. Over the first ten years he spent most of his time in Florida and the Bahamas cruising and fishing gaining a vast knowledge of the boats that he operated. From Vikings, Hatteras and Garlington boats he managed to attain a wide assortment of knowledge from each boat that he operated. In 2008 he decided to expand his knowledge and move into the motor yacht industry where he could operate larger vessels. Scott was fortunate enough to run many different yachts from Lazzara, Hargrave, Hatteras and Feretti and many in between doing delivery’s from Maine to Florida and throughout the Bahamas for HMY. He has been very fortunate in his travels spending time with some of the most fascinating people life could offer. It was at this point Scott decided to share the knowledge that he has gained over the years with people in the business already or new clients starting on their new journey. He became a yacht broker with HMY Yachts. It is a position that he takes to heart. He learned his skills by providing exceptional service and care to all of his clients. Integrity, Loyalty and work ethic is essential in this business to provide the client with the best possible outcome for their needs.

With the experience and knowledge that Scott has gained over the past 27 years in the marine industry, give him the opportunity to help you with your next step in your pursuit of happiness. Relationships go far beyond the sale. You won’t find anyone that will work harder for you than Scott Calloway will!

Mike Simko

Over four decades Mike Simko’s love of diving and fishing has developed into his full time passion for helping friends and clients alike have great boating experiences. From a 10 year old catching spanish and bluefish off the east coast piers and jetties, to releasing big gamefish in tournaments worldwide. Whether buying or selling, Mike’s experience with sportfishing yachts up to the largest custom inboard battlewagons, including propulsion, electronics, rigging, angling, boat handling, and an array of marine systems gives those who work with him a confidence that they are in good hands. “I feel fortunate that as a Yacht Broker with HMY Yacht Sales I am able to share my yachting and fishing experiences with clients every day.”

As a lifetime member of the West Palm Fishing Club, a tournament captain, professional angler, and inventor of marine innovations including the Kite Keeper, Kite Keeper Pro, and Break-a- Weight, Mike’s products and fishing adventures have been documented on Krusing America TV, ESPN Outdoors, FLW Outdoor Magazine, Florida Sportsman, and the Palm Beach Post to name a few. Prior to joining HMY, Mike managed the corporate real estate portfolios throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. His years of experience in performing due diligence and negotiating the many details of complicated commercial transactions now add great value for his clients when buying or selling their yachts. “I believe that by maintaining a high level of professionalism, paying attention to details, and desiring to build long term relationships, my involvement will clearly take your next yacht transaction from good to great.”


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