Open Ocean and Deep Sea Fishing Tips For Beginners

Open Ocean and Deep Sea Fishing Tips For Beginners

Deep sea fishing, also sometimes called offshore fishing, is a type of fishing that is done on waters that are at least 30 feet deep. Deep sea fishing allows anglers to reel in bigger fish, like tuna, swordfish, or even sharks, in addition to other large fish that are not found in shallow waters. Before heading out on a deep sea fishing adventure, it is important to understand some of the best practices and what is needed in order to enjoy a successful fishing trip. Understanding depth contours and best safety practices can mean the difference between a big catch and a bust.

What to Wear, What to Bring, and What to Leave at Home

When going out on open water or enjoying a specialized activity like deep sea fishing, it is important to dress appropriately for the conditions you will be facing. You will get wet. You will get dirty. You may be cold. Outfit yourself with gear that can stand up to the elements and will help to keep you safe and comfortable. Bring a swimsuit and Dress in layers and bring extras of clothing that may get soaked through. Sunglasses, a hat, and sunblock are suggested. Closed-toed footwear is a must. Leave valuable items, including jewelry on shore and make sure that any important items you need to bring with you are in a waterproof case and bag. A wet bag is very helpful in keeping dry your wallet, keys, etc. Safety equipment and life jackets may be required, if not strongly encouraged. If fishing in cold weather, dressing properly is even more important.

Know the Best Bait

The bait used in deep sea fishing is different than that used in other bodies of water and depends on the type of fish you are looking to reel in. Rather than using worms or nightcrawlers, anglers use shrimp, minnows, or mackerels. Bait may be live or artificial. The attract sharks and other predators, chum, a mixture of fish parts, blood, and bones, may be used. It is important to understand and adhere to any local regulations and restrictions regarding the use of bait or chum.

Learn the Basics of Fishing

Deep sea fishing may be best enjoyed by those with at least a basic knowledge of fishing. Already knowing how to set reel and cast a line are important skills from other types of fishing that carry over well into deep sea fishing. Before you go out on any sportfishing boats, check our tutorials and videos, or consult an expert for the best techniques.

Be in the Company of an Expert

Regardless of how many TV shows you might have watched on deep sea fishing, or how many articles you might have read on the same, there has to be a thing or two that you missed in your tutorial. If it is your first time, letting a fishing expert accompany you would be of great help. This activity is challenging and requires you to master a lot of skills. The experienced angler will guide and teach you tricks that you might have never heard of. It will also give you a sense of safety. If you are fishing in salt water, do not forget to a saltwater fishing boat. Have fun, make memories as you learn new things.

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