For many years, lighthouses have been the guiding light to navigate ships to and guide them safety.

What is a lighthouse?

A lighthouse is a large structure similar to a tower, that stands tall along coastlines, rocky shores and hazardous harbors. At the top of the structure is a large light. Read about the history of the lighthouse, facts, terms and other historic lighthouse information below:

The Structure and Design of a Lighthouse

Not all lighthouses look alike or are designed the same way! You can read more about lighthouse designs and structures here:

What is the purpose of a lighthouse?

The two main purposes of lighthouses are to serve as navigational aids for sailors and ships and to warn sea travelers of dangerous areas.

What is the oldest lighthouse?

The oldest lighthouse can be traced all the way back to c.280 – 247 BCE in Alexandria, Egypt.

Oldest Lighthouses of the World

Here are some of the other oldest and monumental lighthouses of the world:

Do you know how a lighthouse works?

In the early days of lighthouses, wood burning fires, candles, coal, oil and lanterns were used to produce the light. In more modern times, Fresnel lenses that reflected light were used. Eventually electric light sources began more accessible and more frequently used in lighthouses. Find out more detailed information on how lighthouses work below:

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