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Dining Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter

Experience Culinary Excellence during your Yacht Charter

A yacht charter allows you to tailor a luxury vacation in every detail, including the dining throughout your entire indulgent experience. Each and every meal is custom created to suit your tastes and needs.

In many ways, it’s like taking your favorite award-winning restaurants and master chefs on vacation with you. In fact, today’s yachts chefs are often extraordinary artisans trained in the world’s best culinary schools.

Menus are inspired by your appetites and most yachts chefs are trained in multiple cuisines. Pacific fusion, Mediterranean, American comfort? No problem.. Dinner is served.

It all starts with the food preference sheets supplied by your charter specialist during the planning stages. Communicate your regular favorites, as well as new flavors you’d like to experience. Vegetarian, gluten-free and other dietary considerations will also shape the creation of the menu.

Rest assured that the galley in your yacht is equipped with everything necessary to turn your food fantasies into delicious realities. The galley is stocked with food, desserts, snacks, wines and spirits according to your specifications and requirements.

Beyond the ability to personalize your menu, your yacht also affords varied venues for your dining. There are lavish dining rooms with fine china, silverware and linens for formal meals. Or enjoy alfresco lunches on the aft or upper deck with the view of a beautiful anchorage. Maybe relax with a late brunch in a casual dinette adjoining the kitchen – the chef preparing Belgian waffles with your favorite toppings.

Enjoy alfresco lunches on the aft or upper deck with the view of a beautiful anchorage.

If you’d like to picnic on the beach, the crew can assemble everything for a memorable meal in the shade of a graceful palm. You will also have the option to dine ashore and experience the local cuisine for the region you are cruising-the choice is yours!

The design of the yacht and the qualifications of the chef and crew are important considerations in selecting your charter. For complete information about the appetizing opportunities that await you, contact your HMY Luxury Charter Specialist.