Princess Yachts V62

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The V Class Princess Yacht 62 is one of the most spacious and attractive yachts on the market, designed to accommodate more guests and visitors without sacrificing its crisp and welcoming design. Bigger is always better with yachts, and this beauty does not let its size weigh it down; it is an express yacht, measuring over 60 feet long with ample room for activities and appliances. The V62 is a highly fashionable option, showcasing prominent lines that do not feel cluttered along its elegant frame, along with sensible curves and cues that add an organic feel to the ship itself. The vessel's exterior cockpit comes with a comfortable seating area and a sturdy table right next to a wet bar with drink boxes and an electric grill. The rest of the Princess V62 is accessible through attractive stairs, and all manner of amenities are available for users to enjoy, ranging from flat-panel television sets to a vanity in each cabin.


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