Scott Levin

After graduating with a maritime degree in college, Scott has spent the last 25 years sport fishing around the world. He currently holds his 500-1600 ton coasts guard license. He has had the experience most people can only dream about. Capturing and tagging many marlin and tuna over 1000 pounds, numerous world records catches and many tournament wins. He has fished most places in the world with many of the top sport fishing captains. Scott has lived aboard many mother ship/sport fishing operations and operated sport fishing boats and yachts up to 160’ from the East Coast US, Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, Hawaii, Australia, Madeira, St. Thomas, Mexico, Bermuda, Cape Town, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Ascension Island, Costa Rica, Cabot San Lucas, Tahiti and navigated the Pacific, including a Trans-Pacific Ocean crossing, the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean and Coral Sea.

Scott has extensive experience building many sport fishing boats as well as being an instrumental part of planning, designing and building of recent custom 160 ‘ expedition/mother ship/yacht that carries and launches a sport fish boat in under two minutes.

“I believe in continued service after a sale and look forward to walking you through the process from finding you the right boat to setting you up to experience your dream of fishing, diving or just exploring the world!”

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