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34 Offshore

The expertly designed Yellowfin 34 is the perfect combination of the exemplary 31-foot and 36-foot models from Yellowfin. With the capacity for speed being powered by twin outboard motors or a triple setup, the Yellowfin 34 model gives boaters the option to customize their boating experience. The fit and finish of the Yellowfin 34 makes it a perfect choice for fishermen who want to experience the fast and smooth ride of a Yellowfin with all the benefits of amazing design. The stepped-hull design with a stern pad makes acceleration in the Yellowfin 34 easy and fun. Whether you are using this boat for serious fishing or simply a memorable time on the water, it can easily adapt for any use. While many consider the Yellowfin 34 primarily a fishing boat, its capacity for speed and a smooth ride make it a versatile choice for all types of fun on the water.

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