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430 Sports Coupe

The Cruisers Yachts 430 Sports Coupe follows the impressive success of its predecessor, the 390 Sports Coupe. This classy yacht is a superior hybrid of sporty fun and pristine luxury. Trendy and modern, this vessel is the perfect platform for extravagant entertaining out on the water with a fully functional wet bar, a side-by-side sun lounge, a flat-screen TV, a built-in grill, a 7-foot headroom, multiple staterooms and an immaculate galley. Passengers can take in the experience in complete comfort with leather transom rumble seating and adjustable backrests. The Cruisers 430 Sports Coupe also boasts a partially enclosed cockpit for safe travel in any weather. You and your guests can relax, breathe in the fresh breeze and comfortably cruise the waters with class and style as you're surrounded by a finished cherrywood interior, wine bottle storage and full liquor cabinets. The Cruisers 430 Sports Coupe also features a beautiful power sunroof.

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