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391 Sedan Cruiser Yacht

Choose to hear the roar of the ocean or retreat into the quiet saloon when you climb aboard the Meridian 391 Sedan Cruiser yacht. The vessel's design incorporates smart noise control with a well-positioned engine that's far from the saloon. You'll even notice sound-attenuating panels added along select walls. If your yachting path tends to encounter some waves, rely on the full-length stringers that line the fiberglass hull that guide the waves away from the vessel as it streaks through the water. Because she can reach almost 34 mph, the Meridian 391 Sedan Cruiser yacht has been built for stability in tough conditions. Any issues involving the engine are easily solved because the vessel's designers created enough space for a mechanic to access the area. With the vessel running smoothly, you can retreat to any area and still be able to see the horizon. This viewpoint reduces any seasickness issues in passengers on the Meridian 391 Sedan Cruiser yacht.

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